Sunday, April 5, 2020

The forecast is better for this week, literally and metaphorically

Last week's rosy update was brought to you by the fact that the outside had not also issued its own "safer at home" order in the form of three days of rain and forty degree weather.

Our afternoon bike rides were so much fun that it was easy to see all the possibilities for even a sucky time like this.


But then the weather went to hell and all there was left to do was turn on a movie and tackle the odd sock collection. This new requirement for happy fun movie time was met with even less enthusiasm than you are imagining.


I took this picture to document a yet-to-be discovered phenomenon in which sitting down with a book in an empty living room ATTRACTS OTHER PEOPLE to come sit near you and start talking to you and each other. (Also, notice how clean and shiny the floor is! James tracked a bunch of mud into the house from the back yard and I rage mopped. Very satisfying work)


I engaged in a little theraputic baking after my 4:00 pity party was over on Saturday. This required several steps. First, I had to find three forgotten packets of yeast in the back of my spice cabinet, score! Next, I had to make sure the yeast still worked in spite of being six months past its expiration date. It did! When I was proving it it got so big it almost escaped the measuring cup! Next I had to channel all of my frustrations into fifteen minutes of bread kneading. This was no problem either!

Now that you know my secret future educational goals and have decided to stick around, I can really let it all hang out. Something that I have learned about myself is that I require routine, tradition, and familiarity to feel my best. So we are DOING OUR BEST with couch church. And yes, you WILL stand up and sing, I did not endure teaching you to sit through church as a preschooler to let it all fall apart now (but seriously if you're really going to fall apart and wreck it for the rest of us you may read a book in your room).



We are having a "Love Feast" instead of Communion, since our pastors cannot directly interact with our elements, BUT! Our Love Feast could be anything and I am an Enneagram One.


While I was shaping the loaves of bread, my friend sent me a video on Marco Polo of the aftereffects of the giant Prosecco-splosion that had occurred in her kitchen, including a two foot wide dripping SPLAT mark on the ceiling. It made me laugh so hard that I took her one of the loaves of bread when it was ready. It was a BOOST to do something nice just for the heck of it, friends. I will have to remember that during future 4:00 pity parties.

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