Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sometimes the universe smiles on you in the form of berries

In college I had a friend who had a shirt that said "I need attention" and at the time I thought it was hilarious and now I think "Huh.  That is kind of awesome."  Sometimes we all need attention and I love that I now have enough life experience to ask for it when I need it, like in that last post.  And you guys are awesome.  Thank you for the texts!  And the emails!  And the comments!  And one of my friends had cookies delivered.  I keep them on my desk and feel loved every time I eat one (which is multiple times a day).  I feel encouraged!  And sometimes a little silly, but when you are locked up with four children and have this much work to do some days are great and some days are not so good and it's OK to reach out on the not so good days.

Today is Wednesday, which is the day none of the kids get new work.  They are supposed to use this day to finish work assigned on Monday, but they don't have any Zooms and it is much more flexible time.  Currently Wes is playing a video game and the little ones are making boats out of foil then floating them in the bathtub to see how many coins they will hold.  I wonder if I can count this as an inquiry based learning professional development exercise.  The teenager, who we all call "The Bear" in the morning (as in "Don't poke 'The Bear'"), is still asleep, and probably will be for a while because it is cloudy outside and his room is super dark.

20200422_084906 (1)

I have two concurrent meetings at 10:00, a drive-by birthday party at 12:00, church supper pickup at 4:30, and possibly a streamed chapel service tonight.

I have done some brainstorming and figured out a few things I can do to stay sane during the quarantine:  I made a playlist of music that is fun to sing and also meaningful to me and I play it in the car when I get to go places like the grocery store or pharmacy.  Monday I went to a restaurant to buy chips and dip and then to the pharmacy.  And then I went past my house and took a couple laps around the middle school because I had so much fun singing a song from last semester's choir repertoire that I had to do it a second time.  On Sunday I let myself watch as many streamed church services as I wanted and didn't let myself be self conscious about it.  I've been giving the kids a little longer leash and have been using the saved time to tick some things off my to-do list.  Which was great until I got an email to let me know one of the kids was goofing off during a class zoom.  And yesterday I asked if Ryan would supervise/enforce lunch so I could use that hour to do one of the bigger items that actually required some concentration.

Monday night, fresh off the thrill of using an expired jar of enchilada sauce without dying, I decided to finally try out some dubious skincare products I impulse bought from Trader Joe's about eighteen months ago.


I've also made sure that we have plenty of popsicles because the kids never fail to be absolutely thrilled by them and it is fun to make them happy.

Yesterday I zoomed with my students while sitting on Mary's bed because it was the quietest place that had a good wifi signal and now my students probably think I sleep in a twin bed with a picture of ducks hanging over it. 

Finally, there was a mixup with our curbside order and we ended up with ten nondairy yogurts in various flavors and a BOUNTY of fresh berries.  Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.  I do not know what to do about this, since they probably do not want us to bring them back to the store.  I don't think we paid for them, I think the two bags just got mixed in with ours.  What to do?  I am thinking of calling to explain and offering to pay for the extra things, but will that make their lives more complicated?  Easier for everyone to just let it go or just me?  Recipes that involve raspberries?  Because there are a BUNCH of raspberries.  SO MANY berries that I would have thought were way too extravagant to buy for ourselves are now in my fridge.  I may have to call and pay for them, but either way, it feels like a gift to have so much beautiful fruit in my fridge.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say I love your blog. I am similarly in a career transition and hearing your thoughts have been helpful. Your authentic take on things is encouraging. Happy berry-ing.

Chiconky said...

They’re karma-berries! You needed a good thing. Honestly, if you try to pay for them it’ll probably just over complicate everything. Let your kids go nuts with them or keep them for yourself to make fancy drinks and pastries :)

Anonymous said...

Let the store know. They'll almost certainly tell you to just keep them, and you can enjoy them entirely guilt free. :)
Nancy R.

Anonymous said...

Berries + yogurt = smoothies!!