Monday, March 30, 2020

Quaran-tation Day: A million

It seems like the tone of the post I would write about this experience would vary by the day.

Two days ago, I was crying into my beer after packing up my campus office, alone, before unceremoniously dumping two huge crates containing the last two decades of my life into an out-of-the-way hallway behind our dining room where they will probably stay until one of the kids goes to college.  My PhD graduation photo sneers up at me every time I try to take a short cut from the front door to the kitchen.

Last night Ryan and I enjoyed a beer on the back porch and laughed to the point of crying watching James and Mary ran through the sprinkler in their matching swim team suits and goggles. Turns out it's not *quite* sprinkler weather.


Today I facilitated 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade and got to actually physically watch each kid's dopamine spike when they saw their teachers and classmates online.

(We divided the kids in to groups based on their maintenance level, which means that while I was enjoying a snuggly rainy day helping Mary draw cats on an iPad and supervising James and Wes in their work Ryan was downstairs engaged in an epic battle with the teenager over engaging with his Spanish class over Zoom)


I made chicken nuggets and fries for lunch and Mary looked me in the eyes and said very seriously "Thank you so much for giving us Hot Lunch."

Twelve days ago after a dispiriting trip to the empty grocery store I came home and quickly put together a $200 order for curbside pickup in the first available spot, which was today.  What a fun surprise it was to unpack those bags today!  Anyone know what to do with nine pounds of broccoli?


I recently had a four hour Zoom happy hour with some friends that lasted until midnight.  I've Zoom meetings for work.  We go to Sunday School on Zoom. The kids have had Zoom meetings.  Once we all tried to have Zoom meetings at once and broke the internet.  The other night I had an anxiety dream that my friend was trying to get my attention via Zoom at three o'clock in the morning. The kids' music lessons are also on Zoom.



We even got a family picture via Zoom that is better than almost all of our Christmas cards


So today was good. I don't know how long I can maintain this. But we are going to find out.



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