Friday, October 11, 2019

Fall "Break"

As it turns out, a bonus week off of school for the kids is sorta complicated when Ryan and I don't also have that same stretch of time off. We cobbled together a sort of workable situation but that didn't stop my department chair from walking into my office this morning to deliver some important professional news to find four children sprawled on my office floor watching Hocus Pocus while I attempted to work at my desk.

Monday I taught my 8:30 class and then Ryan dropped the kids off at my office on his way to work. We headed home for lunch and then headed to a hiking trail by a river for the rest of the day. I took lots of pictures of the kids being all cute and happy and then after I made a smug post to Facebook about our wholesome family hiking outing the freaking bottom fell out and we bickered our way through the next couple of hours. Things came to a head in the form of a giant four way tantrum (me plus three kids, Charley was kind of above it all) that was triggered by one kid threatening another with his walking stick but was really the result of ninety minutes of straight BITCHING from two of the kids. Epilogue we endured a tense ride home and then everyone was sent to bed, again including me. By the time Ryan came home I was drinking in the front yard and went to bed shortly after that. #familymemories!

We had such a good time for like thirty minutes!






The good news is that once that was out of our systems the rest of the week was delightful. Ryan took them on a bike ride and park trip, plus swim practice and a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and reported great behavior. Wednesday after my class I spent a couple of quiet hours working in a bookstore cafe A-L-O-N-E and then we went on a family sailing trip that turned out to be a blast.





Thursday they came to school for one of my classes and then went home with my parents (also this day was slightly complicated by the fact that I locked my keys in the car and left so much later than I wanted to to head to class that we couldn't find anywhere to park and had to run across campus as a noisy group). They sat in the back of my engineering statics class and Mary took really amazing notes.


We played outside for half an hour before my next class and then my parents came to pick them up and it was a really nice time and it is important to notice how nice it was when we were outside because today we woke up and it was fifty and raining. I taught one last class before Ryan arrived and the kids hung out in my office watching movies before a pleasant dining hall lunch and a choir rehearsal (where Mary stood with me on the risers and sang along with every word, even the song we do that's in Hebrew).

(As I write this James and Mary are having a fight over the bathroom door so if I leave you abruptly it's because someone lost a finger.)




Chiconky said...

OMG. Is that Wes in the orange suit? Because it is really quite creepy

Candy said...

The green hat would look great with the orange suit!

Aisling said...

"We had such a good time for like thirty minutes!"
Thank you for sharing, I can totally relate to this situation!! :-|
I'm glad that the rest of the week went uphill from that moment.