Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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I've needed to go buy white embroidery floss for about a week now, so that I can finish my cactus cross stitch project, but for some reason, going to Michaels on the way home from work has been just more than I can face most evenings.  Two evenings a week I have my sitter's car, so I don't like to run errands in her car.  One evening I pick up the kids my damn self and the other I meet my parents around 4:30.  And, you know, it's ALL THE WAY over there and also I work in a town with a disproportionately large population of senior citizens and sometimes I just don't have the patience to wait while someone has a fourteen minute conversation about yarn.  (All the time).

So today, since my class met sort of off campus and I had my car, I just popped over there real quick before the rest of my day.  On the way I bought a venti iced black tea and two cake pops and NOW I have embroidery floss but am way too jittery and irritable to face the EPA's data portal like I need to.

So here are some pictures.

From the "I'll miss this when they are all grown up" files:


My two swimfans listening to Michael Phelps's autobiography (James said "It would be fun to go to the Olympics someday. [sigh] Wait, you have to get on the bus WITHOUT YOUR MOM?!") Michael Phelps talks about his mom a LOT in his book and it is figuratively killing me to an embarrassing degree.


Wes's "Go Big or Go Home" Alamo model. After spending the whole afternoon cheerfully constructing this battle scene he stood up and said "Oh shoot! This is supposed to fit on my desk!" Our family: a microcosm.


I rowed in an 8K race on Saturday morning. The race is 8K and you end up rowing twice that distance because you have to go to the start and then back to the boathouse at the end. It was AWESOME, even though I've had to ice the palms of my hands every night since. I've also rowed one of our regular practices since then and one of my blisters looks a little bit extra after that. But I can see my triceps again so I'm going for an extra workout tomorrow. I've been in a funk and this race seems to have been some kind of turning point. ROWING4LYFE.


That's all we have time for today, folks!

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