Monday, February 11, 2019

Middling domestic skills, bathrobes in public, and missing teeth

The next time I think it would be easier to put off washing dishes until the next day someone remind me how disgusting tonight's toxic sludge of cheerios and milk, scrambled eggs, black beans, and taco meat was. You can't unsee that.

(Though it was very effective when I showed it to a kid and said "You see this? You see how disgusting it is? I need you to go brush your teeth without my help so I can deal with this and you don't have to.")

Kitchen is officially clean for the next forty-five or so minutes until someone else needs to eat something.

On Saturday we went to the library after everyone spent the whole morning mucking out their rooms. It was in the thirties and raining so to sweeten the deal for myself I threw on this article of clothing I have that I've never been able to tell whether it is a sweater or a bathrobe. I rocked that bathrobe at the library, is what I'm saying. And then we went out for lunch.

Here I am in the reading bathtub with two of the kids. At one point, Charley and James and I were all in there and Mary and Wes were sitting on the floor just outside. And then they all ran off to use the computers and it took me several moments to realize that I was an adult, sitting alone in the reading bathtub, in a sweater that might be a bathrobe.


They opened a location of a brewery we like like three miles from my house so we checked it out on the way home. James and Charley got sweaty playing an aggressive game of foozball and then used the sweat to style their hair.


And then Charley used a napkin to rip a loose tooth right out of James's head.


Sunday was a weird, not so restful day that involved a lot of driving up and down the main road taking kids hither and yon in separate cars. Once Ryan and I literally high-fived each other in the street as we passed. Restful. And now it's sleepytime because I got up at 4:45 to row and OH! I forgot to tell you how I finished my cross stitch project!


My mom gave me this kit last Christmas and my goal was to finish it by this Christmas, but life happened and I needed an extra month. I am so pleased with it! I'm at loose ends now that I'm not spending every last minute working on it, so I'll start another one soon. It's on my fireplace now though. Makes me so happy.


Sarah said...

How does James look so old?!

Carolyn said...

Did you have to pay the lady in the restaurant extra to appear in the montage? She's not as good as the spiked hair or the toothn't, but she is a strong third place finisher.
Cross stitch project: gorgeous. Finished all in the same lifetime. Put it up somewhere that you can see it every day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mary and the rest of the kids look SO OLD. Where does the time go?!

Theresa said...

Umm, that cross stitch looks amazing!