Friday, July 27, 2018


Yesterday was a triumph of relaxed summer family funtime. I do not even know what happened. We started the day at a large spring fed swimming pool the moment it opened at 10:00 (because I don't do parking hassles) and hung around for three pleasant hours goofing around, racing each other (Charley beat me handily and was completely relaxed at the other end of the pool while I was practically hyperventilating), and practicing our dives. The only hiccup was when I had to take a call for work that I forgot about completely and ended up having to answer questions about the weather station I'm trying to install on the roof of the science building, standing on a pool deck in my wet swimsuit passing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Wes not pictured due to Goggle Drama Malaise

After the pool we went to our fancy grocery store for some iced tea and playtime before going on a rather expensive aimless meander through the aisles where somehow the package of chicken breasts I went in for cost me thirty-eight bucks. The store is in a cool area of downtown and is filled with hipsters and young professionals. We made quite the breeder spectacle in our rowdy pack.

And then we went home, binge-watched four episodes of Goosebumps together, and then scattered. Wes and I made dinner. Charley puttered. James and Mary went to a friend's house. Soon we had tortilla soup simmering on the stove, cornbread cooling, and a big heap of homemade tortilla chips. I walked across the street to retrieve James and Mary and the mom invited me in for a glass of water. Dinner was just the right amount of silly and very fun and then the kids got popsicles and headed to the back yard. Ryan and I looked at each other like "WHO ARE THESE HAPPY PEOPLE??"

This is Wes's Hamilton pose

Today has been nice too.

Started with a row.


Thanks to Sarah's advice we went to Michaels to make slime FOR FREE and freaking destroyed the place. BUT IT WASN'T MY HOUSE!!



Naturally we went for sushi next.


And you guys, I know I'm making this sound like the best summer camp ever, but believe me when I tell you we've had our share of spats and annoying behavior and angry stomping, but it has been manageable (dare I say?) (There is currently a weird bumping and scraping noise coming from the garage that I am choosing not to investigate. Outside noise, outside problem, and Ryan will be home in four hours). Manageable feels really good.

(Things also might feel manageable because I have gone out with friends two nights this week. Once for Italian with my friend Melanie and once for beers with our tutor, who is now my legit friend, Mary Beth)

I mucked out the cubbies so we can start the year pretending to have our shit together. I was SUPER PROUD of myself when our tutor Mary Beth came over and asked if I could get some writing paper for the kids AND I KNEW RIGHT WHERE TO FIND IT. Probably the most personally satisfying moment of the year.


And now we are having some mandatory find something to do time until it is time to go to the pool. Almost there!

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Chiconky said...

“Outside noise, outside problem” is going on a pillow
I envy your cubby so hard, btw!