Sunday, June 17, 2018

The weekend ranged from poop to IM

Happy Father's Day to Ryan, the guy who spent the whole morning at the emergency room with James, who had a week of abdominal pain, and more recent bonus trouble eating, and, this morning, an inability to swallow water without pain, that turned out to be extreme constipation (official diagnosis). Nothing says father's day like helping a seven year old through his first enema experience!

Except awakening to your flustered wife making a festive breakfast taco feast while also talking to the triage nurse and crying a little and snapping orders at the kids.

We spent the afternoon waiting in line to spend ten minutes fishing for cat fish in a small above-ground swimming pool in the Bass Pro Shops. Our special family dinner was subs and our pool trip was binge watching a fascinating kids' cartoon on Netflix about a brother and sister who live in Normandy during World War II. And then we read books and played games until an early bedtime. It was a good day, but I'm hoping tomorrow is calmer.

(Tomorrow will not be calmer. We have three swim practices, sixth grade survival camp, a two-hour appointment with psychiatry, therapy, and two guitar lessons. But at least we don't have Scouts!)

BUT AT LEAST WE GOT OUT FOR A DATE ON FRIDAY. We went to a brewery to see two friends play their guitars. We ate dinner at home first and bought souvenir glasses for $14 each that included six half-pours. Three hours of beer and entertainment for less than thirty bucks.


On the way home we opened the windows (because the car smelled like a dead fish because, as we later discovered, Charley had left a homemade fish trap in the trunk FILLED WITH HAM, SEXY DATE RIDE), cranked Nathaniel Rateliff, and drove around the neighborhood until the clock struck nine and we could officially go home without being too lame.

Couple of other things have been going on. We spent the day with my friend Rosa and Baby Sam on Wednesday. We paid James a dollar and a popsicle to take care of Sam for a while and I think he did a great job.



Later we took a dozen or more kids to the pool with an armload of pizzas and a quarter-sheet pirate cake for my belated birthday celebration.


We have had some wild swings in dinner quality this week.



And, surprise! We went to a swim meet on Saturday! As a special bonus, James and Wes, who are safely in different age groups, GOT PUT ON A RELAY TEAM TOGETHER. One kid was more excited about this than the other.


We both breathed a sigh of relief when this exchange went well. Somehow they won their heat. While this did not lead to improved sibling bonding *on the surface*, Wes was super wreck while James was in the ER this morning. If that's not love, what is?


This is what I look like after all of their events, but Charley swam a 100 IM and HOLY SHIT you guys. That was INTENSE.


Mary disappeared for an hour and we found her in a sand volleyball court with a bunch of the 6 and under girls.


A nice enough weekend. And now onto freaking Monday.

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