Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Day eight

Woah, guys. I didn't mean to leave you hanging like that. Apparently having children home twenty-nine hour a day does not lend itself to the Life of the Mind. Or the Life of the Anything Other than Eating Potato Chips Standing Up At the Kitchen Island at Nine AM.


I haven't written since before the last round of home haircuts (pre-haircut state shown below).


School ended and we had a really excellent and really enormous fifth grade cookout. Some friends and I started planning on a whim hoping we'd get enough families to cover the cost of the pavillion rental and ended up with THREE HUNDRED RSVPs. I bought enough hot dog buns to fill two laundry baskets.

Two of my friends and I went on a big hike (and, breakfast tacos, obviously) to sneak in one last conversation before being constantly interrupted by requests for snacks and juice boxes.


Since then we've been focusing most of our energy/time on swimming and eating.



And falling asleep reading in weird places.


And one optimistic morning in which I thought I'd introduce the kids to cursive.


I thought it would be fun for us to work in a community garden over the summer, so I signed us up to work at one at a children's psychiatry clinic nonprofit. On the first day, Wes had such a loud tantrum that they sent a social worker out to check on us. We ditched our materials and jumped into the car in shame. On the way home, I changed my mind, got everyone a snack, and made them try again. The second time went better and we are all looking forward to going back.


I bought some prescription sunglasses online and I love them so much. James said "You look like A POLICE!" #nailedit


And yesterday Charley and I had to go to a work meeting together.


While the other two boys were at camp...


and Mary did some very important work.


Tonight we wound down the day with sangria and pizza at a friend's pool and tomorrow it's back to swim team and camp and I might even attempt to sneak in a few minutes of working on an R&R that is due at the end of July if I'm feeling fancy. Somebody hold me to it.

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