Friday, April 6, 2018

Nothing to See Here!!!!!

I was on my way out of my Friday afternoon class when I encountered a work friend in the hallway with some students.  They were all eating those ice cream pops where there is ice cream in the middle and a hard chocolate shell around the outside.

"Ooh, your meetings have ice cream!" I said.  So they offered me one, which I gladly accepted.

I couldn't possibly wait the five minutes it took to cross the street, walk across the building, and get to the privacy of my office, so with great difficulty I managed to shimmy the wrapper down one handed, without dropping my laptop or armload of papers.  I was walking across the street when I sank my teeth into the top of the ice cream and it did that thing where the chocolate shell fractures and starts sliding down.

It was fairly easy, though not neat or polite, to keep up with the sliding slabs of chocolate as I continued my way across the grass towards my building--I managed about as well as any toddler would, or maybe as well as a drunk toddler would--but as I rounded a corner a gust of wind blew a chunk of hair directly into my mouth, which was full of chocolate and ice cream.

Which is how it happened that I was standing outside my building with my head turned sideways trying to use my teeth and tongue to not only prevent further chocolate slippage, but also to expel a bushel of hair from my mouth when A TOUR GROUP OF PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS WALKED BY.


I managed to wait until I was safely in my office before licking off the back of my chocolate covered hand.

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