Saturday, January 13, 2018

Shop Safety

Ryan was supposed to take the three boys to the Scout derby car workshop this morning, but he mentioned it to Mary and she asked if she could build a car too. OF COURSE SHE COULD, after all they have a sibling division and Wes was building cars at her age anyway. Ryan had an extra car (he's cubmaster), so he told Mary she was welcome to come along, but that she had to change into some work clothes (from the sparkly Christmas dress she had originally chosen). Mary, who despises all pants and only deigns to wear leggings when it is below 50 degrees, FLEW up the stairs and returned with a pair of jeans and a tshirt, then changed right there in the kitchen. Ryan still was going to take all the kids by himself but taking four kids to work with power tools all morning while I sat by the fire in my pajamas working on my syllabi and eating leftover cake seemed like a lot to ask. I was SO GLAD I went (even though the first thing I did was abandon everyone and go inside to have a cup of coffee with my friend M, whose husband was hosting the workshop).

Charley's group is the oldest kids in the pack, so that means they get to use the power tools alone, as long as an adult is watching. I didn't realize this when I was eleven, but eleven year olds are basically adults. It was all I could do to not nudge all the other adults and say "Look at how amazing he is on that drill press, JUST LOOK." That wouldn't be weird, would it?


Mary and James: Plus one for safety googles. Minus one for bare feet.


Charley helped Mary with the belt sander.


Wes and James played a violent game on the trampoline and James came away with giant claw marks on either side of his ear.


Mary was an experiment in static electricity.


And then they started attacking each other for real so we adjourned to Whataburger to sit sullenly on a bench until our burgers were ready. (LOOK AT HOW OLD THEY LOOK STAAAAAHHHPPP)


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Chiconky said...

I was a teeny bit sad that Eli isn’t doing the derby this year because he’s old. I totally agree on the bigness. It’s super weird and sad and awesome all at once.