Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year Incrementally Improved Me

I've spent a lot of time thinking about some goals I want to set for myself for this next year and I am hoping that writing them down to be immortalized on the internet will help me stick to it. It seems like a lot of goals, but since many of them involve things I should be doing anyway, hopefully it won't be too arduous. It's not like I want to learn Mandarin and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Hopefully these are somewhere between that and "Taco a Day in 2018!!" Hmmm.

1. Spend less time on the $#$#Qing internet. Off to a good start aren't we?! I like Sarah's idea of no Facebook between 9 and 5 on weekdays. I might modify slightly to include a quick check in at lunchtime, but otherwise I could really be spending my time more wisely. This will help with numbers 2 through 7 and also have the bonus benefit of reducing my FOMO and the visceral terror I feel every time I read the news.

2. Hike the whole Barton Creek Greenbelt with the kids. It is a little over twelve miles. We will do it in chunks, obviously. One chunk a month seems reasonable and it is always nice to have a framework for finding weekend activities.

3. Submit one or two papers SOMEWHERE. Hopefully the first one will be in the next week or two! This is really a double/triple/quadruple goal because it will require doing some serious work on my imposter syndrome, which tells me daily that I suck at this and should sell coffee instead. There is another post brewing about how academic rank and advancement is designed to make you feel inferior and stupid. Someday. For now we will focus on positive goals!

4. Row twice a week. This means that even if we cancel for freezing/terrible weather I need to row on the machine. This giant rowing badonkadonk isn't going to maintain itself and apparently I now live in Duluth Minnesota because the temperature has not gotten above freezing since sometime last year.

5. Two other workouts per week. I hope to start swimming again but the schedule at the campus pool is tricky with my class schedule. The rest of the gym is open all day though and I really have no excuse since it is not THAT hard to make the five minute trek across campus.

6. Tweet one professional tweet per day. Not just retweets, but real things I find interesting with grown up sounding text that came from my brain. This might be the hardest one of them all.

7. Finish my yard sale sampler (cross stitch) project. Begin (complete?) the amazing cactus cross stitch chart my mom gave me for Christmas. I am SO excited about this.

Off to go make some progress on number 3!


Sarah said...

these are great!! I wish i could od the lunch check in, but I will get sucked all the way in and won't get out. I love the twitter one!

Chiconky said...

These are great! I love the idea of tackling a full trail. You could do a big celebration at the end (like they do for the AT, but cuter)