Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's curtains for you!

Ryan sent me out on Father's Day to go buy some curtains for the new house because the new house has unleashed my inner HGTV host (without the enviable toned arms and carpentry skills). Perhaps it's the effect of moving from a house that I'd spent nine years making cozy into a literal blank slate--wood floors, gray walls, no window-treatments to speak of. It's hard for me to not go out and buy a bunch of different color paint (the first house we bought together had so many different bold colors it looked like a Mexican restaurant, I was much more restrained on the last house--my green kitchen will still be my favorite ever). I am trying something new with this house: leaving the walls gray and adding color with things on the wall and now CURTAINS.

I hung colorful stuff on the wall behind my desk and instantly felt about a thousand times better about this corner of the master bedroom. Also pictured: robin's egg blue curtains, the only curtains that exist in brick and mortar, apparently. Also also pictured: coffee mug, water glass, beer can.

I did not find any curtains I liked after three stores. Apparently, since all houses are now painted gray, all curtains must be either white or robin's egg blue. We already have blue curtains in three rooms, so these choices were unacceptable. And at Target, which has better selection, curtains are sold BY THE PANEL, which is infuriating and stupid and all that is wrong with the world.

Did I mention that I was shopping at 2 pm without having had lunch? Possibly this colored my perception of the scale of the problem.

Instead of curtains I came home with two new tablecloths. Helpful.

Anyway, it all worked out because I went online Sunday night and dropped a quick two hundred dollars on curtains for Mary's room, Wes's room (both on the front of the house, so they really really need some curtains. Charley's room, which is on the first floor and front of the house, got curtains right away because he likes to read well into the night and you can see him from the street) the upstairs living room (what should we call this room? We vascilate between family room, other living room, upstairs living room, fun room, and game room), and the dining room (the DINING ROOM CURTAINS ARE MY FAVORITE. GAHSQUEE what is wrong with me?).

Mama needs some COLOR IN THE HOUSE.

They will all be delivered to my door on the twenty-second and I am waiting with breathless anticipation. Watch out, Ryan. Thursday night will be spent hanging curtain rods, swearing, and stress drinking pinot grigio.

Being this excited about home decor is a new experience for me because usually I like to make incremental improvements with items I buy from Goodwill or find on the curb. Thursday can't come fast enough!

That's a lot of words about curtains. What else have we been up to?

We went to our favorite swimming hole and it was just as great as I remember it. The kids bought giant jawbreakers for the occasion and we listened to Hamilton on the drive there and all of the sudden, as Charley said, "it feels like 2016 again"!

I forgot how murky the water gets at the end of the day. Will try to remember to go early in the day next time.

Safety first chess happened.


I took a picture of Millenial baby relaxing at the pool with some sparkling juice and some grape tomatoes, as you do.


We rediscovered the simple joy of jamming a beer can between your bike frame and your back tire.


Ryan and I went on a date on Saturday night, thanks to Kids' Night Out at church, which the kids think is just for them to have fun. We started with kimchi fries, had a beer and listened to a bluegrass band, and then went on a huge sweaty bike ride once it got "cooler". We went to our favorite hippie grocery store hangout place and heard a great soul band while we ate dessert. We were nearly late to pick up the kids because we were having such a great time. I really wish there was a babysitter I could have texted. We danced to one more song and then peeled out of the parking lot with fourteen minutes to spare, drove like maniacs, did the fifty yard dash from the parking lot, and arrived at nine ON THE DOT. BOOM. Date night fun maximization: achieved.

Sweaty selfie!

And if you're wondering how the summer of no structure is going, I will leave you with Exhibit A and let you imagine the kind of morning that necessitated its creation.



Chiconky said...

I like to call my decorating style, " Look what I found!" I've been trying to buy things like a grown--up and it's SO HARD! I can't wait to see your curtains!

sevisser said...

Dear Becca, I've been reading your blog for years now (lurker-style) and thought it was about time to let you know how much I like it when you write and give us a peek into your life. So... here it is. Thanks for taking the time and please keep writing!

Suzanne(The Netherlands)