Monday, June 26, 2017

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

I know you've been waiting with bated breath for an update to my curtain post. Good news! I have a picture of the upstairs family room/game room/fun room/loft, whatever we're calling it.



Every night this week (even without the curtains), we have ended up up there TOGETHER, reading books, doing puzzles, playing games. It's perfectly lovely and a little Leave it to Beaver, but I'm going with it. I'm just so glad we are using that room since it is about 50% of the reason we uprooted the whole family and moved.

Next step: take and print some pictures of the kids who are not Charley and Wes. James counted the pictures of him in the house the other day and it was embarrassing. Mary can't count yet, but there are approximately zero. #fourthbaby

Mary and I picked up that blue table to the right of the couch at a moving sale on Friday and I pieced together the lamp at Goodwill for four bucks, lest you think I have lost my knack for decorating on the cheap.

Also also, I bought that blue coffee table with the cool design painted on it at Salvation Army almost TWENTY YEARS AGO for my DORM ROOM. It was fifteen dollars. That felt like a big decision back then. I decorated my grown up family room based on a fifteen dollar Salvation Army table I bought before I could buy booze.

We went to church Saturday night this week, which left all of Sunday lovely and uncommitted, so we got to see how the other half lives. I started out the day with a long row while Ryan managed things at home. Then he texted me to say that they were all making deviled eggs together and having a fantastic (if weird) time, so I should stay downtown and have breakfast.

Which I did.


All the best athletes chase their morning workout with a giant cinnamon roll.

And then we spent the afternoon de-funkifying the house, napping, and hanging up curtains, before heading back out for the Concert in the Park.

We would have stayed home because everyone was exhausted except that it was Big Band Night! We bribed them with hamburgers and fries and packed a cooler full of crackers, grapes, and beer. A good time was had by all. Even Mary, eventually, after she slipped on the dance floor (before the band had even started playing) and landed face first, causing her front tooth to start bleeding (the other front tooth, not the one that got hit by a doorknob a month ago and also started bleeding).

They usually dance the whole time we're there, but this time they alternated between lying on the blanket and going inside for drinks of water. But I think they had a good time.


We love the Concert in the Park so freaking much. I mean, LOOK HOW PRETTY THE VIEW IS! And the music is so well done! It is the SYMPHONY. And the conductor was smiling beatifically at his wife, the jazz singer, the whole time she was singing "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"! It is the best thing ever. It turns Ryan and me into sappy goofs every time and we always proclaim afterward that we will never ever live in another city ever and if we ever move again it will be to move closer in so we can go to even more of these things.


There was a pretty rainstorm to watch from a comfortable distance.


Kids can't walk down the normal part of the stairs. Fortunately this did not end with even more dental damage.


The walk back to the car is always a scary adventure in herding a pack of free range suburb kids across busy streets. They're getting better.

One week of work left until it is SUMMER. I have a lot of junk to get done. Like a LOT. And I can't find my Yeti. It's like the freaking dark ages over here.

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