Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm writing this to you from behind a closed, locked window, while wearing a face mask and spraying purell on everything that moves because since March 6, at least one family member--and sometimes two--have had the flu. Wes, as you know, was the first, or as I like to call him, Patient Zero. Next Ryan and I got some kind of upper respiratory pestilence that for me went away, save for a nasty cough, and for Ryan seems to have morphed into full-blown flu, which is great because when we thought we both had the same thing wrong we shared a bowl of soup. Mary came down with a fever the night we got back from our trip and James came home from school yesterday with a hacking cough and a 101.1 fever.

So STAY THE EFF AWAY FROM US, is what I'm saying.

So far Charley and I have been spared, but that's from clean living, good hygiene, and the virgin I sacrificed while we were at the beach.

Last week was SPRING BREAK!!

Since Wes was sort of feeling better we kept our plans to go to the skating rink on Monday. Wes had a freaking blast and even joined the Boys Under 10 fun race. (My sister and I joined in the "Girls over 16" race when it became clear that there was no "Middle Aged Mom" race and my sister overheard some girls say with disgust, "Oh look, the MOMS are coming over here"). I only took one picture, but you guys, it was 1992 ALL OVER AGAIN in that place. However, they did not play any Paula Abdul, which was disappointing.


Tuesday seemed like a calm day when I woke up and everyone was either sick or angry, so we went to the kids club at the movie theater and saw the first Harry Potter for a dollar a ticket. Then we went to my friend Rosa's house to have lunch and play in the back yard and then Wes took a three hour nap, ate some dinner, and then went back to bed. Maybe rollerblading was too much? Oops!

Thursday we went to the beach!

Someone was not a fan of the balcony.




While Ryan slept off the flu (we will never know because dudes don't go to the doctor) I took the kids to the Marine Science Institute we visited last year. We got to go on a ferry ride!



And then we went back to the beach.


And had dinner at the Whataburger By The Bay.



We spent our last morning on the beach with some friends we made down there and would still be there if everyone didn't get hangry around 1:00.




Then we headed back up the stupid highway that is stupid and makes everything take three times too long. It did not disappoint this time! We left around 1:30 and got home at SEVEN THIRTY, after stopping for lunch, potty, and coffee. TOO LONG.

A good trip.

I don't have much time to get nostalgic for road trips because we are going on another one ON FRIDAY, which is way too much, considering James and Mary (and me and Charley?) might be sick, but I know it'll be fun good attitude blah blah blah.

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