Thursday, December 8, 2016

Skating holiday funtime!


Remember when I was bitching about it being seventy five degrees in November? Yeah. The high today is 42, which happened at six this morning (we are now on the way down) and I WILL NEVER BE WARM AGAIN. Certainly not after tomorrow's pre-dawn, 26 degree row, that I have extremely mixed feelings about.

Charley was invited to a birthday party on Sunday at a freaking roller rink. He really likes the kid who is having the party, so I RSVPed yes, despite my intense misgivings about the combination of a chaotic social setting plus a difficult activity he has never done before plus some med issues we have not completely nailed down yet and the high (HIGH) potential for a freakout and general unhappiness (NOT ENOUGH SEROTONIN IN THE WORLD). When I told him about the party he was so excited that it was for his friend A, who he described as "the nicest kid in all of 4th grade". And then when I told him it was a roller skating party he said, simply, "Oh." Because he GETS how stressful this situation was likely to be for him.

I was desperate for a way to make it work. So my dad and I decided to take him and the other boys skating on Wednesday afternoon so he could give it a try.

I was meeting them straight from work and arrived first. I was too excited to wait for them so I took a few laps on my own before they arrived. It was SO FUN you guys.


Then the kids arrived and put on their skates and much baby Bambi on ice hilarity ensued. It took two adults and about twenty minutes of time just to get everyone from the bench to the door to the rink. Once we got there, they spent most of their time slipping and falling and hanging onto the wall. One of the workers got each of them a PVC walker to hang onto for their first few laps, but once they got the hang of it they started having a lot more fun.


As usual, Wes picked it up quickly, befriended another kid his age and began horsing around. I was hoisting James off the floor for the fourteenth time when Wes blew past me running on his skates like a Clydesdale, yelling "MOM CHECK THIS OUT!!" He and the other boy had a blast chasing each other, playing tag, and falling in the most dramatic fashion possible. They also rolled right into the men's room despite the warning of one of the workers: "I've had a lot of kids go face first into the urinal when they try to skate in there!"


Charley befriended one of the ladies who works there and she showed him how to get going fast and stop and turn. He spoke to her in Spanish, which she thought was fantastic and I found a bit concerning since I DON'T speak Spanish and have no idea what anyone was saying. He was smiley and jokey and happy and every time he fell he flashed me a huge smile and a thumbs up. The worker approached me to tell me what a cool kid he is and I beamed. Because, YES. He told me "I FEEL SO HAPPY! I'M NOT EVEN A LITTLE STRESSED OUT! I LOVE SKATING!"

Whenever I could I sneaked in a few laps of my own. Breezing past the kids and gently taunting them.

I had just texted Ryan to let him know what a weirdly good time we were all having when Charley careened into a row of picnic tables that were propped against the wall near the arcade and knocked one over onto himself.

I was near the door to the rink and got there as fast as I could. The bottom of the table had fallen on his thumb and clearly it hurt him terribly. The workers brought him ice and a pack of Starbursts and we all told him funny stories until he felt better. He don't want to go back on his skates. The other kids skated for about thirty more minutes while Charley looked at the video games and hung out with my dad and then we decided to leave so we could get dinner and make it to choir on time. Only when we went outside in the sunshine Charley's thumb looked Not Good.

He was musing aloud about how fun it is to have a broken bone at school as we pulled out of the parking lot. Wes said if he could break anything it would be his leg. All of them asked if we could buy skates on the way home.

Later we went to the doctor, who visibly flinched when she looked at Charley's poor battered thumb. "And you said a TABLE fell on it?" she asked, looking me over the top of her glasses. She said based on the crazy swelling and general purpleness of the thumb he got to get an x-ray.


That was the souvenir he got to take to school. He also got a cool splint.


He was HIGHLY EXCITED about wearing the splint to school this morning. I begged him over breakfast, "Please don't be annoying with that thing!"

The radiology report this morning was "unremarkable" and I am still waiting to talk it over with the doctor. One of my medical friends texted last night with great concern after seeing the x-ray on Facebook. It was not a restful night as my super-rational sleepy brain worked out every single possibility including death by broken bone a la Phineas in A Separate Peace. Charley's biggest concern, besides how awesome it is to wear a giant splint to school, is teaching Wes the treble part of Angels We Have Heard on High so he can still play piano at church on Christmas Eve. Wes gave him a handful of quarters this morning so he could play the games at the birthday party Sunday instead of skating.

Everyone still wants to go back to the skating rink. Today if possible. Um, no.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you can't see a fracture until it starts healing. If it is still looking Not Good in a few days, you might want another x ray.

Chiconky said...

Poor kiddo! But awesome that he wants to go back!