Friday, September 23, 2016

Double rows, tacos, wipeouts, bikes, and malfunctioning electronics

I am writing to you on my new laptop, which I have because Ryan got tired of hearing me sigh loudly (at best) and mutter obscenities (at worst) at my old laptop, which is older than James and no-longer has a functioning "k" key. LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL K'S I JUST TYPED ALL WILLY NILLY! Also, the case on this one does not come apart when I pick it up and I'm pretty sure the DVD drive will never pop open randomly in my backpack BECAUSE IT DOESN'T HAVE A DVD DRIVE. My life just got a lot less annoying, you guys.

Except that I just noticed that my phone still hasn't uploaded the pictures to Flickr that I've been trying to upload for an entire week. That's annoying.

What else is going on? OH, well Wednesday I took a sub spot for a boat that went out at 7:00, figuring the 5:45 boat I often sub for didn't need me that day since I hadn't heard from them. Later, the earlier boat emailed to ask if I'd be interested in subbing and I politely explained that I already had a spot but to keep me in mind. They found a sub for THAT spot and then needed ANOTHER sub and so emailed me again so I figured, WHY NOT DO TWO ROWS IN ONE MORNING?

The first row was great, because that is the boat that is training for a regatta at the end of October and they work really hard and I love it. When we got back to the boathouse the next boat was waiting but I had to pay my parking meter, so I RAN to go do that and RAN back and got right into the next boat, which was made up of some extremely strong, extremely fast senior citizens. We rowed to the OPPOSITE end of the lake, meaning that I rowed the entire lake on Wednesday morning, in both directions, for a combined distance of a conservative TWELVE KILOMETERS.

I was happy when we got back to the dock earlier than anticipated (but not before we did the bridge to bridge sprint everyone is so fond of) because that was kind of a lot. After that I had breakfast taco plans with a friend and after that she wanted to try out the trail that was across the street from the taco place, which we did even though I was wearing a skirt. It was not hard to fall asleep Wednesday night, is what I'm saying. I barely made it through NOVA and that ends at 9.

Today I teach and then lead the kids' garden group at their school and then pick Mary up and then hopefully we will have time to go pick out a new bike for Wes's birthday. (His eighth birthday is next week but the Scout bike rally is tomorrow and he's still riding the bike we gave him for his third birthday. So I'd say we got our money's worth out of that one, especially considering it will probably be Mary's next bike.) After that we move straight into the school movie night and then, at last, bedtime. Tomorrow is bike rally and a friend's party and probably some homework and piano and maybe if we're lucky some porch beers in there somewhere (although the forecast calls for heavy rain on Sunday, the day most likely for this to be possible, so maybe not). Also my friend offered to remove Mary's stitches so we will work that in too.

I am LONGING for a boring night of TV watching, but all of the rest of this is pretty awesome.

I'd show you a picture of my bell pepper and all my little baby lettuce sprouts, and the way Mary folded an English Muffin in half and called it a taco, and the hilariously misspelled game of Scrabble Charley and Wes played last night, and the picture of Mary trying to drag all the boys' backpacks to the car the other morning because they forgot and she remembers those kinds of details, and the way Charley and Wes devised a way to pull the plasma car behind a bike, which was hilariously fun until they tried to go down a steep driveway, shot out into the middle of the culdesac, then wiped out, causing Wes to slide many feet across the asphalt and scratch his leg all to hell. By the time I got all the other kids inside (It was dinnertime anyway) Ryan had him up on the counter eating a popsicle while he gently cleaned him up. All the other kids brought Wes their lovies one by one. I love them so much. And again, I'd show you pictures of all that, but FLICKR ARGH HULK SMASH.

Have a good weekend!

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