Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kind of a mess, a microcosm of my schedule at the moment

Well this week has been a fascinating science experiment into just how long you can go without washing your hair before it starts to turn into dreadlocks. For now, the answer seems to be three days, but given that yesterday I attempted to smooth some flyaways with my phemolient while standing behind my car in the university parking lot, a decision I regretted immediately when instead of sticking down a few errant hairs it turned the crown of my head into a sticky oil slick, I think I could probably go longer under the right conditions.

(I fully intended to shower yesterday, after my six AM rowing workout but before my nine AM meeting. I had a towel and shampoo and everything. And then I got some bad information about when the campus fitness center opens for the year and ended up having to change into my skinny jeans and top in the back of my car, perched painfully on James's booster seat and praying no one I knew walked past my windshield while I was locked in a sweaty life and death struggle with my sports bra.)

I could have taken a shower last night after bedtime, but that would have been 9:30 at night and I don't like sleeping with wet hair slash I am lazy.

So I tacked on one more day and took a shower at the Y after I worked out. Clean hair feels amazing.

The semester has started for one of my classes! There are forty-two kids packed into a classroom designed for about thirty, but we had fun on the first day! Today is the second day. It's a class I've taught before and I plan out the whole chapter at once, which means Tuesdays require lots of time but Thursdays are easier. I also have a research meeting with my summer student and have to plan activities for the elementary school garden club meeting tomorrow afternoon.

All this to say that I went from a whole lot of lounging around the swimming hole and eating cupcakes in July to two classes, a twice-weekly, two-hour rowing workout, a research project, and leading the garden group in August. Yesterday I drank approximately 10,000 mg of caffeine and no water.

Also, this week Ryan has been going to parents' nights at the kids' school, which is good because already at two weeks into the semester I feel like I can't look two of the teachers in the eye, but bad because that means three nights of being completely on my own between pickup and bedtime. Thank goodness I had already planned to serve pizza for dinner last night because James screamed at me nonsensically the whole drive home from school and I just wasn't feeling especially like a protein and two sides after all of that. While the big boys were in ordering the pizza I pulled screaming James into my lap, pushed his head against my heart and told him I loved him (this was the third thing I tried after screaming back and turning up the radio, so don't think I have this gentle parenting thing figured out, you probably already knew that though). He immediately stopped screaming and started sobbing into my shirt. Sounds like kindergarten is a little overwhelming. Or he's a drunk college woman.

Today is the last parents' night but our new sitter is doing pickup and I will have time to stop at the store and buy something reasonably respectable for dinner. And then tomorrow is Friday and NEXT WEEK my other class begins and things will really get interesting. It is a new class in a new discipline and, GULP, it's going to be OK. Right? Other things that start next week include piano and choir and the end of any semblance of cleanliness or order my house ever had. See you on the other side!

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Chiconky said...

It totally feels like we go from 0 to 60 in about .3 seconds! If you can still be presentable with three day old workout hair, I think you can manage anything that gets thrown at you! And I have SO been there with the backseat shimmy into grown-up clothes. Skinny jeans is pro-level!
I love your hug for James. Poor kiddo :(