Friday, August 12, 2016

Just a quick load of laundry

I have discovered the secret to feeling pretty: Spend six weeks with your precious darlings, taking hasty showers only at night when they are asleep and certainly not every day, wear the same workout capris and tshirts for days at a time, spend your days coated in thick sunscreen, sweat through your clothes every single day--and THEN, get ready for WORK! Take a decadent MORNING shower! Put on a DRESS and BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR.

Instantly went from washed up meth hag to thirty something professional. Could not stop looking in the mirror. That was yesterday. Today I am back in workout clothes because I had a breakfast meeting of the garden committee for the kids' school and now I am working at home.

And as you know, working from home is just code for procasticleaning. And today I procrasticleaned the shit (literal?) out of the kids' mudroom/backpack/sweatshirt/school supply cubby thing in our kitchen.

It was one of those "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" situations.

I need to start a load of laundry to wash Mary's lovey and James's school pants that were covered in mud after they had a cute but kind of annoying fit of gardening in the ten minutes before we had to leave for school.

To get to the laundry room I had to walk past the tote bag full of airplane activities that was waiting to be unpacked from our summer travel (five weeks ago, naturally).

When I got UNO and SkipBo out of the bag and put them with the other card games, I thought it would be nice to have a bin to store the card games in and thought "Oh, there will be an extra bin if I consolidate some of the art supplies in the cubbies!"

When I went to consolidate the art supplies I found one of the bins to be full (FULL) of FESTERING BLUE WATER. OMG HORK. The smell was....not good. And I have no idea where the water came from.

Then I had to finish consolidating the art supplies (which did not end up leading to an extra bin because I had to throw away the aforementioned bin of soupy pond water, I'm sure I'll be getting in trouble for this later), which meant I had to move around some of the activity books, which meant I had to finally confront the eight inch stack of who knows what that came home on the last day of school IN MAY.

Then I had to sort all the crayons and colored pencils and markers into separate bins and put all those back in the cubby where I found ANOTHER cache of school materials from last year.

When I moved THOSE, I found dirt, rocks, and mud all over the bottom shelf of the backpack area, so I had to wipe that down.

Which meant I had to sweep.

And then when I threw the rag from the wiping down of the shelf into the washer I remembered vaguely that I needed to start a load of laundry for some reason.

So I gathered all the laundry from upstairs and started a load of laundry.

And then walked across the kitchen to see Mary's lovey and James's shorts soaking in sudsy water in the sink.


(They are in the laundry now)

And then I suddenly remembered my lonely laptop and textbooks and tea all sitting waiting for me on the kitchen table while I "started a quick load of laundry".

In other news, the kids seem to be doing well at school. By that I mean holding it together all day and having a really good time and then dissolving into emotional puddles the second the van door clicks closed. Wes sobbed the whole way home yesterday about a million different little-ish things that I couldn't quite make out. James screamed about how he wanted to "tear his whole face off" because I wouldn't let him go see the neighbor girl (who it out of town) for quite a long time while I was making dinner before sneaking off to his room and falling asleep in his bed at 4:45. Charley rode his bike to a friend's house to find him not home then came home and stormed around the house complaining until dinner was ready.

They all felt much better after dinner (except James who slept through until morning except for waking briefly around seven confused that it was not morningtime, eating a light dinner of yogurt and apple bread, and falling back to sleep quickly) and I thought about some family Olympics watching, but no. Early bedtimes for everyone!

TGIF though. T.G.I.F.

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Chiconky said...

Procrasticleaning! How have I never heard this word before?!
BTW. I really love your writing style. You're hilarious!