Monday, May 16, 2016

Root, root root for the home team!

I mean. How could a weekend that starts out with having ice cream with your buddies then running into a public fountain with your uniform pants on NOT be amazing (Fountain out of frame. We made them get on the stage for a picture with modest participation.).


Saturday was low key and rainy. Charley and I walked to Starbucks for some fresh air and a snack. Mary fell asleep on an end table while watching Power Rangers with Wes, who benefited from our laissez fair attitude to the tune of three hours of supervision-minimal Netflixing.


That evening we dropped the kids off at Kids Night Out at church and headed downtown to order everything on the menu at a fun hipster hot dog restaurant. Hairstyle courtesy of torrential downpour en route from parking spot to restaurant. That pretzel was unreal, but dipping it in sriracha aioli and queso was like a religious experience.


We still had plenty of room for bratwursts topped with pickled cabbage, grilled onions, and some kind of amazing orange sauce, though. And a basket of fries.


And enough cake to feed two families at our second stop.


Sunday morning Ryan had to leave early for choir. I dressed the twins like twins.


And traded smack-talk and pictures with friends who were participating in our First Annual Sunday School Softball Smackdown and Family Picnic event with me. I think all the name calling and yelling across the hallways really livened up the church experience this morning for everybody. I only hope any visitors who heard me call across the courtyard "FAITH, FAMILY, AND FELLOWSHIP YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!" or heard my friend Kelly yell back "WE ARE GOING TO KILL YOU, HOME IMPROVEMENT!!" took it in the spirit of fun that was intended.


Picnic and softball game were some serious ridiculous fun. Imagine a bunch of middle aged adults and kids, with a couple of ringers thrown in (apparently there is a super secret church softball team that I was not aware of), playing for glory on a tball sized field. In addition to the goofy factor, it was really, the best. All the adults cheering on the kids when they hit "singles" (one guy even scooped up Wes's grounder right as Wes ran past him, but feigned a hamstring injury so he "couldn't tag him. Lots of kids tagged out at third though, because WE PLAY TO WIN.) Lots of cheering. Lots of fun. Super-serious seven year old boys. Weekend warriors. Toddlers wandering onto the field shrieking "Mama! Mama! Mama!" James playing outfield. Charley and Wes tackling each other. Wes throwing his shoes in anger. We immediately decided it should be a bi-annual event instead of just an annual event. I'd go back right now if I could.



To make the day even better, Miss N (our old nanny) and Miss M came back to visit and we got to hang out with them all afternoon! I have missed them so much. It was just like old times. After the softball game we all went to Ryan's choir concert (We sat in the back, obviously. The kids were in NO MOOD) and then out for tacos together, which was a fitting and celebratory end to a really fun weekend. And now I am back at work getting ready to travel for two days, which I do not like to do, but am trying to focus on the positive, that ANOTHER WEEKEND will be here soon.

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Chiconky said...

You guys have the best weekends! What caught my eye though was Charley's feet! They're huge!! Eli's the same way. How does that happen?!