Friday, May 6, 2016

Brain Break

(Do your kids do Brain Breaks at school? They close their eyes and listen to a chime until they can't hear it anymore, then they focus on their breathing, then they listen to the chime again before opening their eyes. I saw it in action the other day when I talked to second graders about the water cycle and it was MAGIC how much it calmed them down (or "helped their amygdalas or PFCs or something regain control, which is how Wes explained it to me). I downloaded a yoga chime app on my phone and have tried to make them do it in the car with middling success.)

What I am doing right now is trying really, REALLY hard to do the things I am supposed to do (work: get ready for next week's arrival of summer research students by reading fourteen frillion journal articles, answer email about grade (student: why did I get an A when I should have gotten an A+? me: makes gun shape with hand, aims at own temple), or at LEAST straighten up the house).

Nothing remarkable about this week except that classes are over!! And grades are in!! And now I have a crapton of work to do to get ready for summer student research, but even that is seeming more possible by the day after a great couple of meetings yesterday. And OH, how did I forget to tell you about how NO MATTER WHAT I DO, A KID IS MAD AT ME ALMOST ALL THE TIME. This is especially fun at pickup time when one kid wants to stay at afterschool until six and one kid would rather not go at all. And then I go get the little kids who are annoyed that I picked them up too late/picked them up before snack/interrupted playground time/why can't I just stay home all day? Kids are unknowable enigmas, what a special treat the three to four o'clock hour is!

What I am actually doing right now is trying really hard not to get distracted by every passing thought that flies through my head.  Like: I really need to build that crafty Pinteresty bulletin board out of leftover scrap wood from the kitchen that totally looks amazing in my head.  I should do that right now.  Or: I wonder if friend X and Y would like to go to Trader Joe's with me to buy All of the Carbs.  So it's Friday, in other words.

Yesterday I had an early meeting at the campus I usually go to on Mondays, which is pretty far away through a normally bad-traffic area, so I went Full Adult and got up at 5:30, showered and put on professional clothing, then left my house at 6:00.  I was right in the middle of patting myself on the back after arriving and finding an awesome parking space at 6:40 when Ryan texted to ask "Are the kids backpacks in your car?"  To which I responded "Shiiiiiiiiitt."  Because:


GUESS WHAT THOUGH!  One day of walking sheepishly into school carrying a grocery store bag full of lunch seems to have cured them of ignoring my instructions to TAKE YOUR BACKPACK INSIDE AND HANG IT UP.  Life lessons. They will forget again on Monday.

Last night Ryan and I went to a mixer of parents, faculty, and administrators for the big kids' school.  It was very fun and nice and they even had good beer and sangria, which was a pleasant surprise.  I introduced myself to some of the wonderful people who make the school such a great place (not the people associated with discipline issues, they are also wonderful but we already know each other very well).  We talked for a long time to Charley's teacher and the teacher who does his math tutoring on Tuesday afternoons who both talked at length about what a crazy-insane-funny-cool kid he is (even as we all cringed through a couple of the more stressful (to me) anecdotes about his old-man-level sarcasm that isn't always appropriate in a classroom setting OMG). Hahahaha, but seriously. Thanks for all you do (makes large, knowing eyes face).

Today the kids took flowers to their teachers. Wes chose red roses and got enough for his current teacher as well as his kindergarten teacher, which is about the Wes-y-est Wes thing that's ever been done.


James chose a more traditional springtime bouquet.


And now I am going to get back to it so I don't hate myself on Monday morning! TGIF!

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Chiconky said...

I make my kids do the bag of shame when they don't clean out their lunch boxes. It hasn't been super successful...