Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Super Speedy Stream of Consiousness

Sure is nice to use my normal grown up shampoo again after two days of using Mary's baby Aveeno shampoo/conditioner blend when I couldn't find the shampoo bottle I took on our trip to camp.  It took me that long to 1) Go to the store and 2) Remember to buy shampoo.  I also replaced the kids' toothpaste that has been out for several weeks because I'm tired of them destroying my bathroom every night.

Today is kind of insane (which is why I am on here, obviously) because I have to write some stuff for my super secret other part time research "job" that I hope one day will be a legit part time research job (no quotes) by this afternoon.  I also have a physical therapy appointment at noon and Charley has a doctor's appointment at three.  AND I forgot to get Charley's prescription refilled on the way home yesterday so I had to wait until the pharmacy opened at 8 then take it up to him at school, which took about an hour.

And let's just say that the house has been a bit neglected so it would be good if I could at least run all the laundry and have it ready for my Wednesday Night PBS Binge Watching party (party of one, but there is pie).

To triage all this I had to divide my time into chunks.  I only had 30 mins between when everyone left and the pharmacy opened so I snuck in folding a load of laundry and starting a new one there.  Then I came home to write write write shower lunch write before PT (which starts in thirty minutes).  After that I will write some more, get the kids, go to the doctor's appointment and if I am done writing then I will go to the Y to drop them off at childcare and sneak in an Olympic power walk (really hoping I can manage that since I ate an oreo cupcake for breakfast).

Should be NBD.

Last night my friend came over to help me load all the soil into the new garden bed (This simple job required outside help because of my neckthritis and Ryan's lower back pain of mystery).  We were outside working when a pack of kids (hers and mine) tumbled through the back door to play on the swingset.   This is only remarkable because Mary was completely naked.  I would have taken an adorable picture of her working in the garden naked but I don't want to go to prison.

Anyway.  Now that the bed is ready, I think I better add "get plants" to my todo list, which sounds like fun but could be problematic since the last time we went to the nursery together we left with everyone screaming after a train passed by the back of the store and blew its horn so loud that Wes screamed "I'M GOING DEAF!!!!"

And this is our last night off for a while, since tomorrow is Ryan's birthday (local) family dinner, Friday is a friend's birthday party, and Saturday is another friend's birthday party.  Busy but good, is what I think they call this, except that we are woefully behind on House of Cards.

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