Monday, January 25, 2016

If this van's a'rockin'

This morning was pretty average for a Monday, except that I found uniforms for Charley and Wes without having to perform a three-day archaeological dig in the corner of their bedroom. Everyone was relatively cheerful and cooperative. We ate breakfast together. We started getting ready for the kids and Ryan to leave.

As I was walking to the cubbies to get the big kids' school sweatshirts, I checked the thermometer to decide if we really needed to send them, since if the temperature is above about sixty degrees they inevitably leave their sweatshirts on the playground after shucking them off during a rigorous game of Nine Year Old Boy Stuff. I was shocked to notice that the temperature outside was SIXTY DEGREES, especially considering it is January and also STILL DARK.

"WOW." I exclaimed. Everyone wanted to know what I was so excited about.

"It's SIXTY DEGREES OUTSIDE." I told them.

All the kids wanted to *feel* how warm it was. This is because my first response to all weather news is always to go outside and EXPERIENCE it. This does not include extremely low temperatures but did lead to me being in wildly close proximity to a lightning strike one time. MEMORIES.

Before I could stop them all four kids had dashed out the back door into the darkness.

I was not concerned, but it was a little strange because we still haven't fixed our fence that fell down during Wes's birthday party, which means they weren't trapped in the back yard like they normally are. Still, I shrugged and continued talking to Ryan while we loaded all the lunchboxes in the backpacks and finished clearing the table and loading the dishwasher.

Eventually it occurred to me that the children had not returned from the backyard. And that I hadn't heard anything from them in some time.

I peeked out the back door. No kids.

So we walked out the front door and around the corner, where we could hear wild laughter and shrieking. Ryan's van was shaking gently in the driveway.

I cautiously opened the van door. All the kids were inside. Two had buckled themselves into their seats. The other two were enjoying the wide open spaces left where Ryan took the seats out to bring the bunk bed home Friday night. James and Wes had dragged a SCOOTER into the van and were riding it up and down the length of the car. Everyone thought this was FREAKING HILARIOUS.

James poked his head out, eyes flashing, and shrieked "THANKS FOR MAKING THE CAR LIKE THIS FOR US! THERE ARE *NO SEATS*!!"

It was sad to shut the party down and take everyone to school.

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Chiconky said...

My kids LOVE playing in the car! We finally had to call Eli in for dinner the other night. Weirdos!