Friday, January 22, 2016

Hashtag adulting hashtag sneezing

Today I am having lunch with an administrator at a nearby college to talk about potential collaboration in atmospheric science work between my school and their school, so that means I couldn't wear my skinny jeans-tshirt-boyfriend sweater-slipper moc uniform to work today and instead had to look like a real live grown up. BEHOLD:





Clearly I need to work on having a less vacant smile in future mirror selfies. Also, did I mention that after thirty-five years I finally got over my mental block re: blowdrying my hair (which I've had since I gave it a try when I was about sixteen, was unhappy with the results, and decided a more bohemian look was right for me for the rest of my life amen), bought a blowdryer and round brush at the grocery store and a product called "phemolient" from the place where I get my hair cut and FIGURED IT OUT.

2016: The Year of Doing Hard Things. Next up: Applying mascara to my lower lashes and learning to not eat cake twice a day.

Today seemed like a good a time as any to blow off some steam and have a good old fashioned mom-tantrum over the state of the upstairs, which can only be described as "flophouse". Trying to look like a grownup while being unable to find a pair of clean kid's socks while sneezing my way through a severe case of seasonal allergies PRE-COFFEE was juuuust about all I could handle this morning (or not handle as the case may be). So now I've got big plans this weekend to move Charley and Wes out of the tiny bedroom and into James's much larger room where they can have two proper dressers and space for All of The Legos and maybe even separate storage for school uniforms that doesn't make me want to collapse in despair. I am positive Ikea can help me with this.


Erin said...

Phemollient is the GREATEST, forever and ever amen. Also you look awesome and looked awesome yesterday too. Also also, I too have th report bug lately, but will probably not do anything about it because I am lazy.

LL said...

I have still not figured out hair. Last year I mastered makeup (and my small eyes mean no applying mascara to lower lashes ever, so it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I'm following expert advice!); this year, I'm hoping to master hair. Or maybe not master, but use a round brush without entangling it? Go to work without my hair in a high messy half-wet bun 3x a week? I need to make it reasonable.