Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beast mode*

*I don't know why but I heart that expression. I used it on FB this morning along with a picture of the massive rain event that's a'comin for us. It's going to be EPIC, to quote the kids.

Well, APPARENTLY, once you talk about a shark biting someone right before your very eyes, it's really hard to pick up the blog after that and talk about, I don't know, how much fun I had singing along with Bruce Springsteen while I put chili in the crockpot this morning (true story).

I guess I could tell you about the time Charley and I were YELLED AT BY A CRAZY PERSON at the park yesterday.

I met up with two friends and a big pack o' kids at the park yesterday afternoon. It was a really gorgeous afternoon and the park wasn't crowded AND it had a fence all the way around it so the kids were free ranging and happy and I was talking to friends and happy and it was a really very nice afternoon.

It was nice until Charley came up to me on the verge of tears to tell me that some kids were mistreating a frog and some adult had told him "It's just a frog, it doesn't have any rights" and I was like "WUT?" and immediately got up and followed him back to where he had been on the other side of the playground.

He saw a bunch of kids walking after the frog, who was hopping on the ground. Some of the kids were friends who we had come to the park with. They weren't doing anything wrong, just following the frog. Charley walked over and calmly picked up the frog. He had just walked back over to me when this woman walked up and YELLED "You two need to MIND your OWN BUSINESS." Which, OK. I didn't realize we were on an episode of COPS so what the freaking hell.

The other kids gathered around and I tried to explain to the lady that these were his friends that we had come to the park with (because the MYOB comment was so totally bizarre I couldn't figure out what the hell she was talking about). She said "I don't care. He needs to mind his own business. These kids are just playing with the frog and he keeps trying to take it away."


Then Charley started crying and the crazy asked loudly and with exasperation "WHY'S HE CRYING?!"

With every ounce of civility I could muster I said "He's worried the frog will get hurt."

The lady replied "NO. He was trying to hurt it. He was putting it underground and covering it up. It could die!!"

And I said (fake cheerful) "No, he was putting it in the water meter where he found it when we got here. He finds lots of frogs in water meters. They live there."

Then, while the crazy lady continued to bluster nonsensical bullshit about Charley trying to kill a frog (nope) I turned to the other kids (WHO WE HAD COME TO THE PARK WITH) and said "Where do you think a good place to let the frog go would be? What about in the woods? Should we take it to the woods?" And the crazy lady stomped off, STILL HOLDING THE FROG.

I assumed she had let it go, and by this time Charley was beside himself sobbing, so when I saw her coming back over to me I picked him up (all seventy three pounds and nearly five feet of him) and carried him back to our picnic table.

She FOLLOWED ME and I ignored her then put Charley down and said "You do not have to talk to that lady. If she approaches you again, you come find me. I will handle it."

I am pretty pretty sure she heard me because after that she gathered her two kids (who were the ones PUTTING THE FROG IN A BUCKET AND THROWING IT UP THE SLIDE) and left.

The friends I was with (who saw the whole thing, and one even held Mary, who was loudly crying the whole time a stranger was yelling at me at the park) immediately gathered Charley into huge hugs. Because they KNOW him and know how much he loves frogs and did not deserve a public dressing down by a stranger who doesn't know what the hell she is talking about.

We left shortly after that when he had calmed down, it was time to go anyway. After dinner Charley asked if he could write about what happened instead of doing homework. He wrote a two page reflection about what had happened and how we reacted and then asked Ryan and me to write responses at the bottom. And then I poured a glass of wine and exchanged texts with the friend who had been there with is because *WTAF WAS THAT?*. It hardly seems real. I really really really hope that woman got in her car COMPLETELY HORRIFIED by her behavior (among other things, MAKING ANOTHER PERSON'S CHILD CRY RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MOTHER, HOLY HELL), but I'm guessing that's probably a bit of a charitable assessment.

Anyway, Charley woke up absolutely indignant. I am proud of him for trying to help the frog (he was trying to take it away from this woman's kids when they were throwing it up the slide in a bucket). I have absolutely no shred of doubt about his side of the story. People can be mean. We have to be the bigger people sometimes. Integrity, principles, blah blah blah, teachable moment. Still it SUCKED and I hope it never happens again. It better never happen again.

In other news, we are slated to have rain of Old Testament proportions this weekend and I could not be more excited. I have chili in the crockpot and a pan of pumpkin bars all made (and ingredients to make more if we run out). All I have to do is get Ryan some more beer and we will be READY. BRING IT ON.


lonek8 said...

I am really aggressively angry at this woman.

JEG513 said...

The vein in my temple is all ropey and pulsing. I do not wish that woman well.