Friday, July 17, 2015

Phone Dramz

I am feeling very accomplished right now because I BOUGHT AND ACTIVATED A NEW PHONE ALL BY MYSELF.  This is not one of those exciting new phone purchases though, because the reason I had to buy a new phone is that I broke my old one yesterday when I stored it in my bra during my workout.  Apparently, sweat is bad for phones.  Especially boob sweat.  This has not been a problem for me in the past because prior to my Olympic Race Walking career, I never worked out to a sufficient intensity to actually produce sweat, which is how I got into the Super Knot predicament in the first place.

After some wonky behavior immediately after the workout, the phone seemed fine by the time I went to bed last night, but it was definitely completely dead when I woke up.  This made it difficult for me to pretend I was taking a shower and instead peruse HuffPo hiding in the bathroom while Ryan gave the kids breakfast like I normally do in the morning, so I knew I needed to replace the phone as soon as possible. 

Ryan did not think it was a sufficiently major problem to take a half-day off of work to help me, so I was on my own to deal with the Phone People.  This has not gone well in the past, but after ninety minutes, several muttered f*bombs, some borderline inappropriately hostile behavior at a Starbucks where I went to use the Wifi when I found myself in the "need to call Ryan to find my PIN number but don't have a phone but need the PIN to activate the phone" snake eating it's own tail wormhole of frustration, getting locked out of my account for half an hour for too many password guesses, and the maddeningly simple realization that all I had to do was TURN THE PHONE ON and enter my account information (that Ryan had finally emailed back to me), and then BOOM!  I was in business.

I have difficulty with basic life skills.

In other incredibly frustrating news, the book I need to finish editing a student's paper for a journal submission is locked in my office, which is currently not accessible to me because of the construction.  It would have been better if I'd remembered this information before driving ALL THE WAY THERE.

Anyway.  Back to work.  And then packing because tomorrow we are unleashing the family on five million unsuspecting New Yorkers.  GET READY MANHATTAN! 


Jodilynn said...

Welcome to New York! Would love to welcome you in person after reading about you and your family all of these years :-)

Sarah said...

Welcome to sweltering New York! Maybe you can teach us a little about how to survive in Venus-level temperatures. Happy trip!