Friday, May 1, 2015

Sort of like a James Bond movie, without all the special effects and sex

FUNNY STORY!  In all the chaos of this semester I accidentally let my custom domain expire and I didn't find out until I tried to post something and learned that my old url now belonged to a Ukrainian software developer!!  So I spent many frantic minutes trying to figure out how to get it back and finally called GoDaddy (who were very friendly but ultimately unable to help me) who said basically "You could try emailing the Ukrainian and negotiating to get it back."

Since I don't know any Ukrainian and I don't feel like getting into an international battle over a $2.99 domain name that he probably bought with the hopes that I would pay more to get it back, I have decided to go back over to and hope HOPE HOPE that all of you come back over there with me.  SO!  If you know someone who is wondering where the heck I went and if I started selling software, please please pretty please tell them what is going on and give them the new address.

Anyway, I've heard that Ukraine is a lovely country populated by warm and hospitable people, so if they want to sell software using the blog name I invented for my MOMMY BLOG almost NINE YEARS AGO, then KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT.

I've got other things to worry about right now.  Like the forty-three essays, fifty-six final exams, several hundred thousand journal entries, and thirty problem sets I have to grade BEFORE MONDAY.  MOOOONNNNNDDDDAAAAAY.

Also, we are going to be CAMPING THIS WEEKEND.  Grading by the pool anyone?

Also, PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE DOMAIN.  In fact, if this post gets more than five-hundred hits I will post a video of my whole family dancing to Uptown Funk.  THAT'S A PROMISE.


Carolina said...

For what its worth, feedly updated your feed without any hitches even with the different domain name.
Love read

Jeg said...

So glad I tracked you down!

Melinda said...

Feedly did a good job of updating. Bring on the dance video!

Misha said...

I was trying to find you for days! It was lagliv that brought me back. : )