Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Laundry Procrastination Basically

Yesterday was kind of "eh" for a variety of mundane reasons and I was completely exhausted by the time the kids went to bed, and not the kind of exhausted where if you just push yourself a little bit you'll get a second wind. I was so tired that I really didn't even want to watch the end of The Middle before bed. And then I collapsed into my bed and was almost asleep when I realized I hadn't submitted the letter of recommendation I needed to turn in BY MIDNIGHT for one of my favorite and most capable students. So I dragged myself back downstairs and took care of it. Thank goodness it was already written.

Also last night was a night for saying "screw it" to the new healthy eating goals and ordering thirty bucks of awesomely terrible take-out to be eaten 1) after kid bedtime and 2) in front of the TV. Some things can only be helped with truffle fries and Cadbury cream eggs amirite?

Anyway, I slept like a ROCK and woke up feeling almost refreshed at 6:40 this morning after (apparently?) hitting "snooze" four times without realizing it. This was a problem because on Wednesdays the whole fam-damily needs to be in the car promptly at 7:10 to get Wes to reading tutoring by 7:30. Somehow I had everyone dressed with shoes, meds and bagels on board, and lunches nearly finished by 7:05 when Ryan came down from getting ready. Ryan took everyone to school and since I didn't have class until 11:00 I had a LOVELY MORNING ALONE. I went on my olympic race walk (I thought doing it in the morning would be more efficient but I found myself looking forward to my walk all day only to realize I'd already done it and then feeling disappointed WHO AM I?), I drank a slow, quiet cup of coffee. I watched Justin Timberlake sing "Friends in Low Places" with Garth Brooks (still trying to decide if it makes me happier simply that this video exists or that Garth Brooks is dressed like someone's dad on his way to a highschool football game. Probably the latter. Also, GB needs to sing "Sexy Back" next and then my life will be complete). I washed dishes. I started the laundry. And then I got to work a little before ten AND THERE WAS A PARKING SPACE RIGHT BY MY BUILDING. This never happens. It was a good morning.

Less awesome, but funny, the aftermath of the floor project is that now when the kids have friends over and the friend asks to use the bathroom they ask "#1 or #2? If it's #1 you go in the backyard and if it's #2 you go upstairs."

I graduated from physical therapy a couple of weeks ago. She released me with two pages of core-strengthening exercises that I am supposed to do every other day. In three months when these exercises become too easy, I am supposed to go online and find harder ones and do those instead. These exercises are to be done on a fitness ball because apparently you have to choose between dignity and having abdominal muscles capable of supporting your upper back. I went with abdominal muscles because my days of slinging children onto my hip and stalking angrily out of the grocery store are far from over. I got started tonight even though the ball arrived from Amazon more than three weeks ago and has been sitting uninflated on my stairs ever since. With every crunch I think about how much less weird I'm going to look at the pool this summer. Looking pretty weird for now, though.

And finally, and this never happens, but Ryan and I both have the day off on Friday and NONE OF THE KIDS DO. When we gleefully made this realization during dinner on Monday night Charley exclaimed "Awww, no fair! Why do you guys get to drink champagne all day while we're at school?!" I THINK HE'S ON TO SOMETHING. Now I am off to fold some clothes/ work on my cross stitch project/ read my book.


Chiconky said...

These are the posts that make me wish we could hang out. Champagne Friday FTW. Also, you've inspired me to work on my core. It's insulated, but it's there!

Whitmire Family said...

Omg, thanks for sharing about Garth and Justin. Just watched the video and it made me so happy!