Monday, April 20, 2015

Brought to you by procrastination!

I had a rough, forty-minute dentist appointment this morning and after spending that entire time with every muscle in my body tense and ready for combat I ditched my plan to go to Corner Bakery for a sensible half turkey sandwich and salad and made a beeline for Sonic where I obliterated a number one with cheese and mayo before I could even back out of my parking space. Then I went to the store for a box of thumbprints and ate two in the car on the way home. On my way from the bathroom to the dining room to grade some exams I passed the box and reached in to grab another one and realized that only SIX OF THE TWELVE WERE LEFT. Stress eating. It's a thing.

The day got better though because tonight was two of my research students' Capstone presentations and they both totally knocked it out of the park. Seriously. One of them has just been plugging along with almost no advice from me all semester and when she finished her talk I approached her to ask if she would email me her references because DAMN. The other one was just accepted to TWO competitive graduate programs. You guys, I AM SO PROUD OF THEM. They are going to do great things.

The new mudroom cabinet has already paid for itself in that James refers to the things you hang your backpack on as "hookers". As in, "I got my stool out so I could reach the hookers."

Charley found an old camera in a drawer and has been using it to prepare for his career (field biologist) by taking dozens of macro photos of his pet toads. To wit:

I think those were all of the frog named Puffy. The other one's name is Tommy. Sadly, the third frog, Jimmy, died last week, which was heartbreaking. Poor, sweet Charley was CRUSHED. Jimmy is lying in state in a kleenex box in our garage while we await the thaw, or just fifteen free minutes on a Saturday, for the burial. Charley, who has been observing these frogs for several months, has always told us that Tommy and Jimmy were friends. Ryan and I thought that was a nice sentiment but privately thought it was just Charley's sweet anthropomorphic nature, but when Jimmy died I KID YOU NOT, Tommy SAT NEXT TO THE BODY FOR HOURS. SPOOKY. (The reason it was there for hours was because Ryan and I made the discovery in the morning and if Charley had known there was NO WAY NO HOW we would have gotten him to school.)

Judging by the sounds I hear coming from the habitat at night I think Tommy wasted no time in becoming "friends" with Puffy. And also possibly one of them is female. Ahem.

In somewhat unsurprising news, Ryan is currently in the garage resurrecting his freaking car ONCE AGAIN with a twenty-dollar part. YOU LIVE TO DIE ANOTHER DAY, NEON!


Brooke said...

I love this post. Your family is so incredibly charming--hookers and dead frogs and all.

jijaniac said...

felt happy for you and your family. Nice photo you have been taken and so cute children you owned in your family

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