Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another cuh-razy week!

ANOTHER WEEK GONE ALREADY? Funny how the weeks go so quickly when every minute I spend in front of my class seems to take seventeen hours. End of the semester HI HO! Tonight, the three boys and Ryan are CAMPING next to a lake, which is all well and good except for the fact that a line of severe thunderstorms has been bearing down on them for the last several hours, making me a DELIGHTFUL guest at the block party barbeque I took Mary to, checking the radar on my phone fourteen times a minute, showing people the radar on my phone, talking about how everyone I love is in the woods next to a lake in a tent facing certain peril, mainlining cookies and brownies as if carb-loading had some kind of meteorological super power. Except the line is looking less severe now and they might just get some lightning and light rain. HURRAY FOR STRESS EATING.

Let's see, when we last talked I was alienating the children with my cakeball-induced fury. Last Friday night Ryan went on his two-frillionth trip to Lowes for our kitchen project and called me at ten PM to inform me that HIS BRAKES STOPPED WORKING but that he had managed to get the car to the shop and would then be walking home. Fortunately, our neighbor was still awake and her husband went to fetch him so he wouldn't have to walk down the highway, alone and in the dark. Shortly after that the shop informed us that they wanted $1000 to fix the brakes to which we replied "HA HA HA! Please leave it outside and we will figure something else out." And FIGURE IT OUT WE DID:


Ryan's reluctance to talk about major purchases is making it difficult for me to tell him that we are going to need to go drop fifteen grand on a second used van sometime next week.

Sunday was a FUN day. Ryan ran a 10K, in accordance with his New Year's Resolution to run a 10K in 2015. My New Year's Resolution to stop eating cookies for breakfast has been moderately successful as well. Anyway, we all trooped downtown before the sun came up to see him off, eat breakfast tacos while he exercised, and then meet him at the finish line. The kids had such a good time watching all the runners come in. He finished in the top twenty-five percent of people and then the kids wanted to race him too so they chose a short course up a very large hill.

After the race, we went for a walk on the river and let the kids play in the water.

Then headed to my favorite fancy grocery store for lunch, shopping, playground, bluegrass, and sangria (you see why it is my favorite, yes?)

And then headed home to celebrate Ryan's birthday, which meant that he and my dad worked on the kitchen while the kids played and my mom and I prepped a huge mountain of food for him to grill. Grilled bell pepper skewers, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and Italian sausage, rounded out with Pioneer Woman's pink pasta, and birthday cake, plus a six-pack of a new beer I like. IT WAS THE BEST MEAL EVER.

Besides all of those fun things, the wall cabinet I've been building has been occupying every extra moment of time I have. Tuesday there were no classes for a campuswide event, so I spent the entire day priming and painting it. I put the final coat on Tuesday night, then installed the hooks on Wednesday after big kid pickup. I AM SO EXCITED by the finished product. SO EXCITED YOU GUYS. Sometimes I just walk into the kitchen and stare at it. It's like a Pottery Barn catalog showed up in my house by magic, except most of the materials came from other projects' leftovers and we did all the work ourselves SO IT DID NOT COST A THOUSAND DOLLARS. I have also had success thus far getting the kids to put their crap away, so BONUS.

ANYWAY, now the radar is looking like the Scouts are getting just enough weather to be a great story but not enough to kill anyone. HURRAY. Although James is probably PRETTY HYSTERICAL right now. And not the happy kind of hysterical. Also, it looks as though it's going to be raining up there for a WHILE. It's only an hour away. I would not be surprised to see them here tonight before I go to bed. I can't wait to hear about it. Like I wish they could call me right now.


Jeg said...

Your blog always makes me laugh out loud.

Your wall cabinet is beautiful! We need something like that. I'm really impressed.

Brooke said...

Pottery Barn's got nothing on you! That looks fabulous. I love it. And kudos to Ryan on the 10K!