Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A crazy weekend of all good stuff

True confessions time: I had to briefly lift my ban on eating after the kids' bedtime because THERE WAS AN AMAZING CHOCOLATE PIE IN MY FRIDGE ALL WEEKEND.  I bought it for a small girls' night I had on Thursday and while I originally planned on giving some to the kids after dinner the following day, they quickly forgot about it when they noticed that we had pudding cups so then it was MINE ALL MINE.

Anyway, this weekend was INTENSE.  On Saturday Ryan and my dad worked all day on the kitchen while I managed the kidlet side of things.  Our first event was to walk to the park for a friend's birthday party.  It is nearly a mile away, but I figured if we walked there and back I wouldn't have to do my Olympic racewalking later when it was dark and I wanted to go to bed.  So I loaded up (a wildly protesting) James and Mary in the stroller and Charley and Wes rode scooters and bikes, respectively, and we managed to get there in a perfectly normal amount of time (THEY'RE GROWING UP.  Also I do not plan to attempt this walk this summer when we need to get to the pool, which is at the same park, because trying to get them JUST TO THE PARKING LOT in their post-swim exhausted state is soul-sucking.  I cannot imagine trying to prod them through a mile of scorching neighborhood streets).  We had a great time at the party and then made it home without incident, where I slapped down four turkey sandwiches and some fruit salad and rushed everyone through lunch before putting the little kids to bed, sending Charley out into the back yard to "play and don't get in Papa and Grandpa's way", and took Wes to his soccer game.

Somehow Wes's thirty-minute soccer game lasted two hours between picture day, the other team getting lost, and having to ford a stream en route from the parking lot after making a poor short-cut choice.  Wes played hard and it is so fun to see how much the kids have improved this season.  Seriously, we only had two kids score on their own goal.  PROGRESS!

We got home from soccer (and the requisite Sonic happy hour run) with thirty minutes to spare before we had to leave for Wes's school dance.  I took the world's fastest shower while Ryan crammed Wes into khaki pants and a nice shirt and then we were off to enjoy a rushed, twenty-minute hamburger dinner before screeching into the school parking lot ten minutes late.  But oh you guys, SO WORTH IT.  The girls in their fancy twirly dresses.  The boys looking stiff in oxfords and ties.  The awkward dancing.  The inevitable games of tag (we were in the gym after all).  The SUPREME awkwardness of being forced to slow dance with your mother to "I Loved Her First."  It was just too much.  Too much awesome.  Doing the Cupid Shuffle next to your kids' assistant principal?  So awesome.  Watching the secondary school principal swing dancing with his daughter?  So awesome.  Watching the eleventh graders playfully dance with the kindergarteners.  Awesome awesome awesome.

I didn't have much time to bask in the awesome because as soon as the last song played I had to fly home to drop Wes off and pick Charley up for his dance.  Which was just as awesome.  Again, the Cupid Shuffle got everyone on the dance floor.  Charley practiced his break dancing moves, nearly taking out a high-tech worker dad-type with his crazy flying feet a couple of times, but having a blast.  When he didn't know what to do, he would start doing jumping jacks.  He was way more into the slow dance than Wes was.  I taught him the Macarena.  You guys.

Sunday we declared a goof off day and bought a large inflatable baby pool at Target after church.  Ryan set it up in the back yard while I went to the store to lay in supplies for a lazy afternoon cookout day.  Ryan's parents came over for a nice outdoor dinner and everyone went to bed early. 

And now I am using every ounce of professionalism I can muster to force myself through the end of the semester even though the weather is gorgeous and all I want is to eat popsicles and sit on the porch.  TWO MORE DAYS.

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