Monday, February 9, 2015

Yes, I think the kids really are always that dirty

The weather finally warmed up again, much to my relief, as I pretty much lose interest in winter around New Year's Eve every year and proceed to get pissed off every time the temperature dares drop below fifty for the rest of the year. Until October or so when I start bitching about how it's always stupid hot and October should be cold. I spend a lot of energy being irrationally annoyed by the weather. Like the three weeks at the beginning of the semester I spent shivering in skirts because I refused to buy a new pair of tights because "winter is almost over." Yes, I teach a climate course. Anyway, we celebrated our unseasonably warm day by playing outside until it got dark. After riding bikes for an hour or two, all the kids wanted to play with this awesome box of Legos Miss N brought over and when I invited all the kids inside they told me "it's too NICE to play inside!" so we put the Legos out on the porch and had a blast. Later I threw a cheese pizza out there with them. Five minutes after that they returned an empty cardboard circle.

On Saturday morning we had a playground workday at the kids' school. Other workdays I have attended have involved planting pansies along the sidewalk and perhaps, if you really wanted to be ambitious, windexing something. This workday was slightly different in that we started by hauling rocks uphill across the playground, did a little something called "scalping bermuda grass" in the middle, which involves using a shovel to jackhammer off the top inch of topsoil, inch by inch, until you've "scalped" an area roughly the size of a tennis court and you are hoping Javert will stop by with your yellow ticket of leave soon, and then finished up with some good old fashioned mulch raking.

We tried to leave Mary in the Gaga pit, which she couldn't get out of, but she started screaming the second I tried to walk away. She ended up screaming a lot since the whole playground was a really big, unfun toddler obstacle course and also I think she is getting molars. Not the best day for Mary. Started out good though.

Ryan manned the wheelbarrow and a pack of kids whose job it was to walk around collecting rocks for a landscape border. Mary loved this job. Until she didn't.

Sometime during the mulch raking we found we were spending most of our time keeping the kids from fighting and/or maiming themselves, so we decided to call it a day. I was slightly horrified when I looked in the mirror back at the car so I captured it for posterity.

Oh right, during the workday Ryan took Wes to soccer. He took Mary too. Wes's tongue is out in every single picture. I heart him.

After the workday we headed to a Mexican restaurant for nachos and tea and I let James talk me into buying three boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Wes insisted I take a picture of him with this box he picked out and I'm glad I did because they are gone now I couldn't remember what they were called but THEY WERE AMAZING. I really must send one of the kids over to our neighbor's to get me some more.

Today was in the low eighties and I finished up a big project at work (an extended abstract I thought was due the 20th was actually due TODAY. I figured out my mistake LAST NIGHT AT NINE O'CLOCK. There were some tense moments today but I got it done) so we headed to Sonic for drinks after school and then hit the playground with some friends. Then Charley went to piano and the rest of us came home for even MORE outside playtime. Followed by fish tacos and even more backyard fun. This is why Mary looks like a chimney sweep in a Dickens novel.

By the way, the six of us ate FIFTEEN fish filets for dinner tonight. FIFTEEN. That's like an entire aquarium. Thank goodness they come in thirty-packs. Also, this afternoon I called over the fence to Wes, who was jumping with our neighbor on their trampoline, to ask if James was over there with him (which is where he was supposed to be but I didn't see him on the trampoline), Wes said that he was, so I went back inside and as I was walking past an open living room window I heard a funny noise and looked out to see James PEEING IN THE BUSHES on the complete opposite side of the house from where the trampoline house is. Thanks for catching that one, Wes.


Chiconky said...

I kind of love your life

Sarah said...

we're the WORST because we never do playground work days. we always have a sporting event for at least one kid, but still. and you make it sound so fun!

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