Thursday, February 5, 2015

This post is about pants

You guys. When I was pregnant with Mary my friend gave me these awesome yoga pants that quickly turned into my go-to fashion staple for all occasions. Since I wasn't allowed to work out for the first trimester and wasn't *able* to work out for the other two trimesters due to mah wonky pelvis, actual exercise didn't make the list, but I wore those pants for lounging, for kid care, for dropoff, for pickup, for grocery shopping. Heck, I wore them to work on multiple occasions like when my longest maternity shirts were clean and I could hide the logo on the waistband and also when I stopped caring about anything other than my next infusion of refined carbohydrates and/or breakfast tacos.  They were comfy and flattering and LONG and knowing my friend's impeccable taste, nothing I would ever buy for myself.

I wore them religiously through the postpartum period when the need to dress and/or pee one-handed was a factor. 

And then one day my favorite pants just disappeared.  Since I had recently done a major "give all the maternity clothes to charity" run (the third time I have done that in a fit of WE ARE SO DONE OMGah, which is why I've bought three infant gyms in my life AND ONLY THREE) I figured I had accidentally donated them.  Obviously this was disappointing, because they were my FAVORITE PANTS, but I tried to keep things in perspective: I could buy another pair of nice yoga pants if I really needed them, which makes me relatively lucky in global terms, and someone at the children's home scored some really awesome pants, and I hoped that made them happy.

When I wasn't being all zen and one with humanity I was just annoyed that I had to wear jeans when hanging around the house on cold days instead of my nice stretchy turkey pants.

Then last week we took Ryan's car to get new tires at a place that was next to Goodwill, which is my favorite little place for professional wear.  We popped in for a look around and I ended up finding a cute and flattering sweater, a great button down shirt in a cheerful pattern, and a FREAKING BODEN DRESS.  This is my second Boden dress find at a thrift store.  This one was $8 and the other was $10 and I FREAKING LOVE THEM both so much.

So I took my new finds home and was hanging them in my closet when I thought I should do a little edit/organization.  So I rearranged things into categories and pulled out some things to donate, hung all the scarves back up, refolded the sweaters, and pulled out all the no-longer-functioning shoes.

Two weird things have happened since I made this change.  First, I reached for my black boyfriend sweater the other day and when I put it on I noticed that it had holes in the shoulder JUST LIKE the one I used to have last year that Mary spit up on and it took me so long to wash it her stomach acid ATE THE FABRIC.  I thought I lost that too but it MAGICALLY REAPPEARED.  Just for confirmation, I found the NEW black boyfriend sweater with NO HOLES shortly after that (black boyfriend sweaters are an item I always replace immediately, like toilet paper or wine).

AND THEN TODAY!  I was looking for something to wear to school.  I was looking for a shirt when I came across a pair of pants on a hanger.  They were black and stretchy.  They had the orange logo.   THEY WERE MY FAVORITE PANTS.  They were BACK.  It was MAGIC.

I asked Ryan "Did you find some of my pants with your things in the closet?"

He said "Oh yeah, I found those black pants a couple of days ago, are they yours?"

They have been missing for OVER A YEAR.  And Mr. Nonchalant waited for DAYS to tell me.

It was ALL I COULD DO to put on a dress and sweater for work.  The SECOND I got home I ran upstairs for a happy reunion with my pants.  I am wearing them right now.  They are just as wonderful as they always have been.


LL said...

Yay! Everyone should have a pair of magic pants, particularly ones with the magic to find their way back to you when lost.

Sarah said...

he did you a favor, really, because if they had been in rotation for the past year, they'd be all faded anyway.

CP said...

Stretchy pants are the best! I totally understand your love and obsession over that one perfect pair. I would panic if mine went missing!