Monday, February 16, 2015

It's possible Wes learned more than some of my students

The public schools in our area were closed for President's Day today, but my school was open for business as usual, which meant that Charley and Wes and a slew of other school-age kids were on campus with their parents. Not only did I see numerous other kids hanging out in the library, playing Minecraft in the dining hall, and scootering around on the sidewalks, I overheard students (not mine) saying things like "I am so glad I finally got to see her kids after hearing all her stories!"

Ryan told me that when he led James into his school this morning he told him that Charley and Wes were going to college today and James looked up with concern in his eyes and said to Ryan "Oh. Are they being punished?"

On the way into the building we happened upon a box of electrical components marked "free" on a table in the hallway and took the whole thing to my office. They passed a lovely forty-five minutes looking through the box and raiding my desk for scissors, paper clips, glue sticks, and pens. Both of them came up with several inventions while I sorted through my email and got ready for my meeting. Later, Ryan used the box to teach Charley how to solder and helped him create a circuit that displays numbers based on where you touch the end of a jumper wire. My house is a disaster but my eight year old can solder. This is called keeping your priorities straight.

Then I took them to the curriculum collection at the library and turned them loose to find some reading material to take to the hour-long meeting I had at nine. I settled them into some comfy chairs in the faculty lounge slightly worried about how it was going to go, but every time I turned to check on them they were engrossed in NEW! BOOKS! Charley had found a prized "Nate the Great" that he HADN'T EVEN READ YET and I didn't hear a PEEP out of him the entire time. And hearing Wes softly reading his Mo Willems books aloud while I talked with my junior faculty research group was THE BEST.

Our next stop was for hot chocolate and then we headed back to the science building (through the FREEZING RAINING OUTSIDE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, TEXAS) because I had to teach my climate class. They sat in the first two seats in one of the rows in (coincidentally) the corner of the classroom where all the education majors sit and were immediately very popular. One of the girls gave Wes a ball during the lecture. Charley finished his Nate the Great and traded Wes for the ball. All of this happened during the lecture without me noticing. These kids are going to GO places (By the way, every time I say "go" they dissolve into hysterics because "GO" like "GO TO THE BATHROOM GETIT?" This made the whole morning completely hi-larious, because we had to "GO" to the library and then it was time to "GO" to the meeting then "GO" to class. It really never gets old). Aside from those antics (which I didn't even know were happening), they sat up and watched the entire hour-long lecture on atmospheric circulation even though SOME OF THE TWENTY-YEAR-OLDS were fast asleep. I even sort of forgot they were in there a couple of times because SO QUIET.

Wes told me after we left the classroom "After being in your class I think I want to be a college teacher too." Then after dinner, HOURS after my class, he drew these diagrams and brought them to me and said "I drew some high and low pressure systems. I'm going to go hang it up by my desk." YOU GUYS. I may ask this as a short answer and stipulate that if they don't do as well as my six year old they don't get credit. DANG.

Charley was a bit under the weather, so after a nice lunch in the dining hall, (Wes selected a mixed bowl of cocoa puffs and lucky charms with chocolate milk, a piece of apple dessert pizza, and an ice cream cone for his lunch. At my prodding he managed a couple bites of a hamburger for protein), we went home and put in a movie. Later, when the little kids came home, they seized the leftover popcorn and demanded a movie of their own. Since it's freaking disgusting outside I was more than happy to put a second movie on.


Anonymous said...

Duuuuude, Wes' drawing is awesome!

Anonymous said...

OMG - 1) when did they get to be so big? and 2) AWESOME drawing, Wes!

Brooke said...

I love that they were so good during class! (And that Charley obviously absorbed something from your lecture). Also, James's question about them being punished cracked me up.

xykademiqz said...

I sometimes take my kids to class, and they are always angelic in the back row. I think they get intimidated by all the big guys around.

But they mostly think my work is the most boring ever, as all I do is work on the computer all day when I am not in class. I don't think any of them will want to teach college after spending time with mom. :-(

It's great Wes was so inspired by your lecture!

Anonymous said...

I learned a lot sitting in on my mom's classes back when I was like 5 or so. (Specifically a class where she was teaching teachers how to teach.) Last time I brought DC2 to school it was a disaster. DC1 has always been fine though.