Monday, February 2, 2015


Lots going on here you guys.  Mary's transitioning to a big girl room at school today/this week, I just got back from a Junior Faculty Research Group meeting, which is always simultaneously energizing and exhausting slash terrifying, Charley is prepping "How Great Thou Art" for the Children's Sabbath in two weeks, I have to read an entire book about viruses by tomorrow at noon, James needs his classroom cubby redone because some punk kid picked all the felt off the one we made him originally (I got up early and cut a "J" out of some cute fabric to hot glue to the front only to realize that I'd cut it out backwards.  Picture me, standing in my kitchen in the predawn hours, wearing my pajamas, squinting at a fabric "J" and willing it to look like an actual letter.  I am so glad I didn't have to Google "the letter j" but it almost came to that.  Have I told you how much I heart my Keurig?), Wes is still loving soccer and I'm about to sign him up for the next session, which involves actual practices and games at individual times and locations.  And DUDE.  Between all of the things I literally have to CUT MYSELF OFF around eleven o'clock every night because I HAVE TO SLEEP.  And that's not just a comfort issue, that's a behaving like a grownup issue. 

I'm teaching adiabatic ascent today in my climate class, which is always one of my favorite classes for no particular reason other than I can teach the HECK out of adiabatic ascent.  Probably because it took me so long to figure it out in the first place.  Last week was tons of fun too because we talked about radiation and I got to bring in my huge globe and lamp to show them how the tilt of the earth affects seasons and all that and the more you move around the classroom the better they pay attention, especially if you are holding a giant two-foot diameter globe and turning the lights on and off a lot.  Also, we spent the second lecture of the week crammed into a lab (labs are designed for 20 students, I have 40), some students sitting on desks and the floor, to do an albedo lab that demonstrated answers to a bunch of really awesome questions they answered in class.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  A couple of students even TOLD ME IT WAS FUN.  Also someone's lab setup started smoking and we couldn't figure out why.  FUN!  SO FUN!

Lest you think I'm tooting my own horn, the other class I am teaching, statics, is a prep and is also the first quantitative class I've ever taught and the first upper level course I've ever taught.  You can see why I am eager to celebrate my successes in other areas.

Statics: When you want to know if you can sweat through your clothes in the winter.

Thankfully that class has an exam this week which means tomorrow will likely be spent going over example problems, I don't have to prep for Thursday, and they won't have any homework to grade for next week.  I FEEL LIKE I'M ON VACATION.

In other news, Wes has been ON FIRE with the witticisms recently.  Some of my favorites:

"When I need to pick my nose at school but don't want my teacher to see, I do this: " (sticks tongue in nostril)

"When we got Mary, life got a little bit funner."

"When I was over at Kylie's house, we played with her Barbie action figures."

"I kissed T today, but not on the lips this time" followed the next day by "I broke up with B" because apparently kindergarten is a year-long episode of the Young and the Restless.

Anyway.  Now I'm going to grade climate journals/enter statics grades/plan the statics exam/figure out dinner/make a chore chart for each kid/read the book I need read by tomorrow.  One of those things.