Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mind the Flap

I have an hour until my presentation and I am here in an attempt to stop myself from having a full-on panic attack about it. The data are not looking as good as I had hoped and I don't have a chalkboard to help me explain anything better, but HEY! The thumb flap turned from white back to normal thumb color so HURRAY! I will not be permanently disfigured!

What else... let's see... OH! The first night I was here I was having dinner with my workshop people and having a very nice professional conversation like a grown up when someone said something I wanted to remember and I got out my phone to jot it down. Only when I turned it on I had a text from Ryan: "Wes 103.1."


By the time the entrees arrived Ryan had orchestrated a nurse phone consultation and urgent care visit for the next morning and I had arranged for my mom to come watch the other kids. I did this all under the table while pretending to participate. Special.

THEN, just as I was turning off my computer for the night, I had an email from Ryan showing Wes with a hugely swollen neck. HE LOOKED LIKE A BOXER. Apparently the doctor had seen the neck swelling and told Ryan it was NBD. But seriously. Ryan barely talked me down from getting the first flight home. BARELY.

I've been spending my nights and all afternoon yesterday putting the finishing touches on this freaking project, taking breaks to have fun dinners with old friends/colleagues that I know, where I can't escape talking about rain and radar and return periods and LALALALA. I have not taken advantage of the cable in the hotel yet, but tonight is the night for that. I have big plans to walk straight from the meeting room where I'm about to be publicly humiliated, go straight to this sushi restaurant I found, get a BIG bag of takeout, then head for the hotel to order some wine from room service, then curl up with a Law and Order marathon and my textbook for this semester.

This plan is the only thing keeping me from vomiting on my shoes right now.

Did I mention I'm going home into AN ICE STORM? Should be neat.

Oh and I nearly crashed into Reference 1-4 from my talk this afternoon as I came out of the ladies' room. REALLY hoping he was on his way to the bar and not to my talk. And speaking of ladies' room, do you have any idea how hard it is to button up suit pants with one thumb while your shirt, suit jacket, and name badge are in the way? Why does everything have to be so hard??


Chiconky said...

Kick some Ass! You'll do great!

Jeg said...

I hope it went great!

Susan said...

How did it go! Hope Wes is better.

Unknown said...

I think it will be a successful one. Don't worry go ahead. Best wishes for you. If any you can get help from buy essays online

Benedict said...

First of all, I hope that he has made a full recovery and that you managed to find the peace of mind to accomplish your purposes while away. That said, you sound like you handled the situation very well, if not with a little bit of an understandable worry session. Take heart and keep up the great work, and you'll do fine!

Benedict @ U.S. HealthWorks Bridgewater