Monday, January 26, 2015

House Hunters

Yesterday some amazing friends of ours whose kids are all in college picked up all four of OUR kids after church and took them to our house so that we could enjoy a few hours of kid-free free time.  We headed out for a nice brunch at a kid-unfriendly restaurant and then after that drove around looking for open houses.  Not because we are looking to move, though the thought crosses my mind routinely, particularly when I have to move FURNITURE to make a spot big enough for my yoga mat, but because we are nosy and enjoy looking through other peoples' houses when they are not there.  Who's with me?

The first house we went to is in a neighborhood adjacent to ours that I have always referred to as "fancy" because of their golf course and legendary high HOA fees.  And also the large-normous houses that are out of my price range or any price range I would ever consider.

I was expecting the house to be beautiful and clean and spacious.

I was expecting to feel smugly satisfied that while, yes, this house is gorgeous, it is not homey and warm.  Our (rapidly shrinking) house is so warm and lovely and I just want to live there forever!  No, I could never feel at home in this house.

I was not expecting to OMG FREAKING LOVE THIS HOUSE.

This house checked EVERY SINGLE BOX on my list of "Things a house would have to have to make me want to move."  It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, meaning Mary could have her own bathroom while Charley, Wes, and James could enjoy SLOBTOPIA in private.  It had a master bedroom downstairs, far far far away from Slobtopia.  THERE WAS A COUNTER IN THE KITCHEN JUST FOR THE KEURIG.

It was also:

Not obnoxious in size or scale.

It was also:

100K over the highest high end I would ever dream of having as a price range.  So obviously it's a no go.  Plus the fact that one doesn't just move when they have a kid with an anxiety disorder and a sizeable community of frog "pets" living in the water meter.

I may have overdone gushing about the house because Ryan got out of the car in a fast hurry to take Charley to Scouts while I continued my afternoon away by having a long-overdue haircut alone by myself alone.  It was really lovely.

And then I returned home to four happy kiddos, a clean stovetop, and a bag of groceries in the fridge with the explanation "we found this bag of food tucked behind one of the seats in the car and didn't want you to get home and realize you were missing a dinner ingredient, so we went to HEB and replaced everything."  And you guys, it was the CHEESE BAG.  Next to meat, that is the most expensive bag (hmm, maybe we shouldn't be talking real estate if I am lamenting the loss of a $3 wedge of Parmesan cheese)!

The whole afternoon was SUCH AN AMAZING GIFT YOU GUYS.

Ryan and I enjoyed a dinner of beef stew in wine gravy that was delicious but that the kids abhored then put everyone in bed, made lunches and cleaned up just in time for Downton Abbey.  After that he went for a run and I did a yoga video* because we are thirty-somethings and it is the month of New Year's Resolutions.


Chiconky said...

The other house had no frogs. And it was probably haunted. Definite "con." But other than that, your day sounds amazingly amazing.

Sarah said...

We are also starting to look at houses-- want to move in the next 3-5 years before children need their own cars, and our driveway must be bigger to accommodate.

Winfred Herrington said...

While some may dread about this phase, some people do enjoy house hunting. And why not when the experience can give you plenty of ideas about home designs you can apply in your own home? It’s also a good chance to reflect whether you should settle for your current home or go for a better option. Thanks for sharing your experience, Becca!

Winfred Herrington @ Sold Team