Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You don't take a nappa, you GO to Napa

Even the porta-potty sewage truck blocking my car yesterday after my class was over when I needed to get to the kids' school wasn't enough to bring me down, because I spent the weekend drinking wine with two dear friends in freaking NAPA.

Now.  I would have been perfectly happy drinking Yellow Tail in Oklahoma with these two ladies.  But fortunately I left the trip planning up to them.  Besides spending two days drinking the best wine I will EVER, EVER have the opportunity to try, we had a blast just being together.

Not to mention that after the shitstorm that was the first two months of the school year a weekend drinking wine a thousand miles from home was JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED.

The first place we went, after having a decadent pizza and chocolate croissant lunch in San Francisco, was the Duckhorn Winery, which thanks to the magic of autocorrect, was dubbed "Dickhorn" for the duration of the trip.  It's like we all are have eight year old boys or something.

It was there that I discovered that white wine needn't taste like KoolAid. Their SauvBlanc (make sure you say this quickly, like you are way too important to add the extra syllables required to create "Sauvignon", because you are, own it) was positively delightful.

Two wineries, an entire loaf of bread, and some brie later, we managed to cram even more amazing wine and food into our bodies at this place, which is supposed to be haunted. On the way there we got to drive past some earthquake damage, and you KNOW my nerd heart went pitter pat.

The next morning our driver (oh yes we had a driver. This allowed for completely uninhibited debauchery as no one had to be responsible for getting us from A to B after being served FIVE GLASSES OF SPARKLING WINE) took us to Downton Abbey for our breakfast wine. This really set the tone for the rest of the day. Also I was ready for bed at 5:30 (but couldn't go to bed because we had another fabulous dinner reservation).

The next couple of hours were kind of a hazy blur of vineyards, delicious food, and loud talking, laughing, and swearing.

And then we went to this cozy little winery nestled in a grove of oak trees where we lounged on Adirondack chairs and sipped a selection of reds in the company of two goats named Elvis and the Colonel.

Dinner that night was another fancy affair with another bottle of sauvblanc. We couldn't decide between the truffle fries, the shaved brussel sprout and meyer lemon salad, and the polenta and parmesean for our appetizer so we ordered all three. And when we ordered our entrees the server told us about the molten chocolate cake so we went for that too. At nine o'clock we Ubered back to the hotel where all three of us CRASHED for about ten hours before it was time to start eating and drinking wine again, which we did in the form of a brunch at Brix, heretofore known as the place with the vision to put a piece of bacon on top of an eclair filled with maple cream. Do this.

They also had eggs benedict on the buffet next to a large plate of bacon. I sampled the corned beef croquettes, the cheese platter, and some truffle potato salad too, just to be polite, and then finished with a tiny portion of green salad purely out of a sense of duty to my digestive tract. My only regret is that there were physically too many things on the dessert buffet for me to try all of them (on top of all that eggs benedict and bacon), though I did give it the old college try (I sampled the homemade oreos, homemade oatmeal cream pie, death by chocolate cookies, tirimisu, almond truffles but sadly had to leave behind three kinds of cupcakes and two other cookie varieties)

On the way back to the airport, after allowing ourselves thirty minutes' or so lounging in the sunshine to digest our amazing brunch, we detoured to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was an absolutely perfect day for it too, with clear skies and enough visibility to see the city in the distance but with several wispy fog banks rolling in from off the ocean to add to the ambiance. Sarah parked illegally so we would have time to run up this hill for the best view possible, which was STUNNING.

But before that we drove to the top of this death cliff and got out for a little selfie action.

That guy in the orange shirt kept casually JUMPING OVER THE SAFETY FENCE to get better pictures. I couldn't even watch.

The flight home was uneventful and I arrived at my house exhausted but happy and refreshed at one o'clock in the morning. I went to bed at two after talking to Ryan for a while and was awakened at six by James's contrite bedside announcement that he had had a poop accident. WELCOME HOME!

I was really, truly, THRILLED to see everyone and somehow managed to stay awake enough to teach my eleven o'clock class and volunteer in Charley's classroom. Instead of handing me laminating to cut out or a stack of grading, though, his teacher sat me down with Charley's portfolio and showed me ALL THE WONDERFUL WORK HE'S BEEN DOING in the last few weeks. (!!!!!) It was incredibly unexpected and wonderful and was a great way to start the week. Now I am about to start working on the procrasti-project of doom after spending the morning putting dinner in the crockpot, putting away eighteen loads of laundry, making all the beds, decluttering the kitchen, hanging hooks in the laundry room for the tote bags and aprons, and meeting with a student about his capstone research. In other words, it's a full day and it's GREAT.


Sarah said...

So fun!

sarah said...

I love this. Let's do it again next weekend!!!

Unknown said...

Great.. definitely have to go to NAPA, but will need the three of you to guide us.

Sarah's mother-in-law!

Chiconky said...

You were in my neighborhood(ish)! And now I'm thinking I should start drinking/tasting wine. It looks like an amazing weekend!