Monday, October 27, 2014

We call him Frank the Tank

It's that time of year again!

Time to dress the family in coordinating fall plaids and spend thirty minutes making a spectacle of ourselves in the church pumpkin patch!

I think this is the year we are going to take Wes's goofy faces and RUN WITH IT. Get DOWN with your bad self, Wes. This one's going in the high school yearbook.


Charley, can you fix Mary's dress? Her dress. Fix her dress. Pull it down. Down. Like--nevermind I'll get it.

Oh hell.

Just a couple more...

Wes is a gargoyle, Mary is the headless horseman.

V for victory? There is nothing here we should be celebrating, friends.

Acid trip.

Mary is feeling uncertain.

I have no words.

Annnd, I'll be choosing one of these two for his senior slideshow...

This one?

Or this one:


Kim said...

By far, this is the most entertaining pumpkin patch picture time post I've read!

Chiconky said...

Awesome. Just awesome.