Wednesday, October 1, 2014


When Ryan brought Wes and James home from children's choir rehearsal I hurried them both upstairs to brush their teeth, where they inflicted such violence on each other that it ended with both of them lying prone on the floor, screaming.

Brothers: people who can fight while brushing their teeth.

Anyway, this is not the first time I've dealt with a bedtime tantrum, so I scooped up James, stepped over Wes, and walked to James's room to help him with PJs.  Moments later, Wes appeared in the doorway.  He leaned his small frame against the open door and said contritely: 

"I'm sorry for fighting with you James"


"And I'm sorry for getting angry and hitting the end of your toothbrush so it poked you in the throat."


"And you're sorry for pointing your toothbrush at me and distracting me while I was trying to do my gums."

"OK.  And I'm sorry for fighting with you in the car."

"Yeah, well you talked and yelled at me too much and that's what made me freak out."

"OK.  I'm sorry for hitting you."

"Yeah, I'm sorry for punching you and trying to pinch you."

"I'm sorry for yelling 'I hate you'."

"Yeah, I'm sorry for screaming at you."



*did not stop them from having another screaming fight about choice of bedtime story five minutes later


sarah said...

hahahahaha! such very, very specific apologies. I love it! I just read an article in a Jewish publication about the right & wrong way(s) to apologize, as Yom Kippur starts on Friday. Wes and James have it pretty much all figured out. LOL

candy said...

Yes! Happy Yom Kippur this weekend... ditto what Sarah said!