Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The real reason we had a party last weekend was to distract ourselves from the fact that ALL





And Monday and Tuesday of this week we had Meet the Teacher events for ALL OF THEM. Monday afternoon I dropped Charley at his LEGO robotics camp (looks like Charley found the mothership!)...

... and took the other three to the open house at the Montessori school (I can finally spell that word right on the first try, HIGH FIVE) where James and Mary are now going as of Tuesday...

I am kind of intimidated by this whole Montessori thing. Like, when it's time to leave James's teacher smiles at him and says "Good bye, James! Have a nice afternoon!" and he's supposed to gather his items by himself and follow me out, which on the one hand, after ONE SINGLE DAY of Montessori school he put his lovies on the stairs instead of immediately behind my feet on the kitchen floor which is an annoying habit I've been trying to break for the last year, so YAY EVERYTHING IN IT'S PLACE! On the other hand, James can't go six hours without physical warmth. Are they allowed to hug him? I do not know.

The only answers I've gotten from him are "We get our own snack, I put my shoes back on at good morning time." After we left the open house I asked him WITH MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ENTHUSIASM, "Did you like your new school?!" and he responded softly "No, I want to go to my other school, the one that is NOT NEW." And also today he POURED MILK FROM A PITCHER and used a spoon to get a modest portion of Goldfish out of a tray. WHO IS THIS CHILD.

Mary is doing well too. So far she has "worked" with books and the sensory materials and enjoys rolling balls. During the open house she was a little bit tense and began FREAKING THE FREAK OUT when one of her teachers playfully (and very gently) touched the end of Mary's fingers with a soft play broom. Her teachers are wonderful and seem to really enjoy having Mary there. She naps on a MAT and eats in a TINY CHAIR!

Monday night Wes got to go to his new school to meet his kindergarten teacher. The second we hit the door of the classroom Wes did what Wes does best, began to make friends. He played for half an hour with this boy named Reid and then gave him a hug when it was time to leave. We think he's going to to just fine. If we can survive the rest of the week--the jitters are making him act WEIRD. I just got up to refill my water and glanced up the stairs to see him lying on the floor at the top, completely naked, when he is supposed to be sleeping. So special.

Charley met his teacher on Tuesday night. His teacher is AWESOME and he loved the school, especially the hallways and the windows. He is VERY excited to go to school, which is kind of amazing considering the way last year went. And by kind of amazing I mean HIGHLY UNEXPECTED. Did I mention his teacher is awesome? She engaged Charley IMMEDIATELY. He built a robot out of blocks and immediately brought it to her to show her and was SO PROUD. The teacher found another student who was also building a robot and introduced them.

He was CHEERFUL, and RELAXED, and PLEASANT! He, um, did not willingly speak to his teacher for most of last year. THIS IS HUGE.

Perhaps the biggest news of all, which probably deserves its own post, but you know, fourth baby, is that MARY TURNED ONE TODAY!!

Sweet girly girl at breakfast!

And her birthday photo shoot:

I call this expression, "The James"...

Thinking about maybe trying to fall off of this step...

SO BIG!! Or as Charley and Wes call it: "We have the house surrounded. Come out with your hands up."

To put it mildly, we are all SO GLAD she is part our family! More birthday pictures in the next post.


sarah said...


I can't believe its already time for school! I guess with four kids, everything always feels like its happening all at once when it comes to things like the first day(s) of school. I'm overwhelmed enough with my one. I have a low tolerance for stress. LOL

Melinda said...

You make the cutest kids! Happy birthday Mary! And hope school continues to be awesome for everyone this year.

LL said...

Yay for ALL THE THINGS! I love Charley's meet the teacher story, James will do great (I've found that Montessori is warm, just a different kind of warmth, and it is very empowering for the kids), Wes's social butterflyness, and Mary's first birthday!! I throw her a "so big!" Arms up in my office in celebration.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Mary!

I am getting emotional about Cooper going to preschool 2 mornings a week. I cannot imagine!!

Chiconky said...

Happy birthday Mary!!
And I'm so happy for Charley. And for you guys too. Here's to a much better year!