Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm too sexy for my wrist splints

Well the good news is that I don't have some horrible exotic hand-eating disease as Google would have me believe. The bad news is that I have to wear my wrist splints full time for a while or kiss my fine motor skills goodbye.

It was a little embarrassing when the doctor asked how long it had been since I'd first noticed problems with weakness, tingling, and difficulty doing things like counting change and rolling cigarettes (kidding) and I said casually "Um, I'd say it's been about three months." I think reading and talking about ALS every time I open the internet for the last week was what finally made me call the doctor. The doctor thinks it's Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Ryan expressed sympathy and I said "Well, if it's not going to kill me then it's not really that big of a deal." I mean, whose hands DON'T get fatigued while they're conditioning their hair? We all have crap we have to deal with.

But I'll wear the wrist braces for a while anyway because I heart sweating.

In other exciting news, Wes stayed home from school yesterday after coughing like a seal all night the night before. I took him to the doctor, who looked at his throat and did a rapid strep test and said it was the Justavirus. We sent him back to school today because no coughing! No fever! But then I was picking Ryan up for a magical special lunch ALONE and the doctor called--TURNS OUT HE DOES HAVE STREP HA HA HA! So Ryan and I picked him up early from school and took him to Freebirds with us. Being sick is awesome.

Not awesome: he has impetigo on his EAR. And James has it on his freaking TONGUE. GAAAAAAAAG GAG GAG GAG.

I can only assume that all this wonderful inside togetherness due to the weather being stupid hot is the reason we're passing strep around like a blunt at a Simon and Garfunkel concert.

Good news is that it's Friday... bad news is that I lost an entire week of work to STREP-ETIGO SUPER BACTERIA OF DOOM 2014 and also the textbook I'm using for my class is experiencing a publication delay and class starts on Monday. And Ryan leaves for a week on Sunday. So I guess I am telling you all of this to justify the bottle of shiraz I just impulse bought at the HEB.

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Brooke said...

On his tongue???!!!! I didn't know that was possible. My brother once got it in his armpit. Gross.

I feel your carpal tunnel pain--it was a pregnancy symptom for me, and a very unpleasant one! Wearing the braces really does help, though they don't do much aesthetically.