Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First day of SCHOOL!

Yesterday was the day Wes has been waiting for ever since we dropped Charley off for his first day of kindergarten all the way back in 2012. KINDERGARTEN DAY. They both popped out of bed and dressed quickly, which was new and exciting, possibly something to do with all the uniform stuff they've had in their room for three weeks but were not allowed to touch. I made everyone a nice breakfast of blueberry muffins, Greek yogurt, and bananas, which they plowed through halfheartedly before dashing out the front door for a begrudging series of pictures. They were buckled into their seats, backpacks in hand by 7:08. This has never happened to me before.

Guess which kid is REALLY REALLY EXCIED about school and which kid is like "Dude. Relax. It's just school."

And then, finally, "Oh COME ON guys! Grandma's going to see these! That's better."

Our first stop was to drop off the little kids at their school, which is conveniently right on our way to the big kids' school. Ryan got stuck at a red light and by the time I got outside after dropping off the little ones (and sending the big kids back out to the car for rowdy behavior) Charley and Wes were jumping around the inside of the van like ping pong balls. We finally got them corralled back into their boosters and headed the three blocks to their new school (where they will be going until they go to college, trippy!).

Of course we paparazzied them on the way into the building.

And at their desks.

Charley's teacher asked him if he'd like a hug, a handshake, or a high five and he chose a hug(!!). He was smiling when we last saw him in his classroom. And then we walked away and left them there all alone in that beautiful building filled with talented, energetic teachers and cute, friendly children.

I walked out to my car kid-free for the first time in a LONG time, like "now what"? So I went to my office and started working on my fall class, which doesn't start for two glorious weeks. Then I went home because I'd forgotten my car tag (the one you have to have to pick up your kids or I don't know what happens, but I didn't want to figure it out on the first day) and let Ross out because I was pretty sure that little detail had been overlooked in our frantic sprint to the car that morning. I also ate lunch and made the kids some cookies for an afternoon snack. And then I just, sort of, looked around the house and thought about how quiet it was.

Which is why I left early for pickup and sat in front of the school for thirty minutes like a giant "That Guy". And also because a huge thunderstorm was coming and I wanted to get there early in case it was crazy. I ended up pretty close to the front, which was good, because by dismissal time it was raining torrentially and lightning was striking so close to the school there was virtually no interval between flash and boom. I had some awesomely bad pop music cranked up in my car and was having the time of my life, except that my gas light was perilously close to coming on and I had to run the AC because the windows had to be closed (I tried cracking them just a tiny and so many raindrops flew in sideways through the half inch gap that my dashboard was immediately soaked). Very exciting! I took a picture to show you how I couldn't see out my windows but I didn't have my memory card because I have limited practical skills.

Finally, I was at the front of the line and an administrator wearing a suit and a raincoat escorted Charley and Wes out of the building, holding an umbrella over their heads the whole way. They walked close together with their backpacks over their heads for protection. The whole thing was adorable. When they got in they said "We saw each other THREE TIMES today!"

The next stop was the little kids' school and OH HOW I WISH there was a way for me to pick them up first because HOO BOY is there no good way to do that with the Self Control brothers rattling around in the lobby (I could pick them up first but then James would miss snack, which I have learned is NOT AN OPTION). Today when I came out of James's room Charley was carrying Wes around the hallway and Wes was screaming with excitement. Like SCREAMING. I was gone for forty-five seconds. It's not cool to scream at your kids in front of all the nice Montessori teachers, who have chosen for their life's work to be a calm influence in children's lives, so I had to scary-calmly tell them something along the lines of "That is not appropriate behavior for a school." But the way they swarmed Mary with love when we went to her room was quite touching. Gotta take the good with the completely freaking insane, I guess.

Today was more productive at work because I remembered my car tag and didn't have to come home. Oh, except that someone (the details are hazy, like most of yesterday afternoon, because of the kids' need to blow off MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF STEAM after being at school yesterday) spilled water on my laptop and now instead of turning on it makes an angry beeping noise, so I had to go "borrow" a desktop from the lab and sneak it into my office all stealthy-like so I could get some work done today. I ended up the morning really excited about the first week of class and really proud of the lab assignment I developed, which was really great confirmation that I'm Doing the Right Thing with regards to James and Mary and their school and all of our new schedules this fall. Which is good because I have had many, MANY "this would be so much easier if I didn't work!!" moments in the last couple of days WHICH IS SURPRISING because I was pretty sure their behavior last week was going to send me to some kind of residential treatment center. Jitters seem to be worked out now, for everybody. Now. When is Thanksgiving Break?

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