Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekend Zoo Getaway

Last weekend my sister invited us to spend the weekend with her daughter's summer camp at a wildlife zoo/resort place about an hour away. It had cabins and a pool and free range wildlife wandering around the grounds and so basically it was perfect and we signed up with no hesitation, threw a bunch of food and beer in the car, and hit the road. First thing we did, after stopping at the store for a cookie cake and some more popsicles, three separate potty trips, gas, and Izze drinks for the kids, was hit the pool. At 7:00 PM. MADNESS. The kids did not know what to do with their new fun parents.

They were equally surprised when we hauled them out of the pool a couple hours later not to go to bed, but to make s'mores. James has good s'mores form.

I was slightly alarmed that the kids had to walk through a gate into the free range deer and donkey area to get to the playground, but this was just one more thing the kids thought was completely amazing. They named this deer Remy because it licked them like our nanny's dog of the same name.

Cousin s'mores! There were SO MANY S'MORES. When I got home and did laundry I found a pair of shorts with a s'more STUCK TO THE BUTT.

The next morning we were awakened by roosters crowing and then went out on the porch of our cabin to find them milling around on the lawn. Then they started "fighting."

The upstairs porch in our cabin was a huge hit slash terrifying since it was off the kids' bedroom. Later Charley would drop a plate from up there while having his lunch. I was downstairs in the kitchen and just managed to see it fly past the window. It's good that we are keeping our streak of breaking at least one thing at every vacation rental we've ever stayed in alive.

On Saturday we took a tram tour to see all the animals (the ones we couldn't see from our porch or the pool deck), like this Scottish Highlander cow that we got to feed.

Also, there were camels that stuck their heads right in the tram to eat out of your feed bucket.

Mary was dismayed by all of this. Later, a donkey brayed so loudly Mary started screaming and had to be put to bed.

Tram tour brothers.

And cousins.

We spent the rest of Saturday lounging around by the pool while the kids ran amok alternating between the playground, deer enclosure, and pool (the place wasn't very large and there was a fence and cattle guard keeping the kids from going too far or venturing into the kangaroo habitat). Wes and I were at the pool and a camel walked right up to the fence separating the wildlife area from the cabin area.

So naturally we woke Mary up so we could take a family picture.

Things took a turn for the whiney late Saturday afternoon so we took a little inside break where the only options for TV was drag boat racing, which they loved.

They moved to the table for a hot dog dinner but kept watching drag boat racing.

We are really good at trashing vacation rentals.

After dinner and relaxing it was time for MORE S'MORES. Followed by MORE SWIMMING. It is not hard to get kids to bed if you let them swim and eat crap until nearly eleven PM. I should really write a parenting blog.

They ate breakfast al fresco the next morning.

And spent a little more time with Remy.

And then, sadly, it was time to load up and head home.

But first we had to eat lunch at this Chili's with a view. Mary would like you to know she is "SO BIG".

And in case you are wondering it takes kids three full days to get over two nights of partying until 11:00. Three full days of REALLY AWFUL BEHAVIOR IN PUBLIC. So that was special. But it was so worth it. Today is better. Probably because they are at camp.


Erica said...

S'mores! And a HAIRY COO! I'm coming with you next time.

Noa said...

You're hilarious! I've been reading for a while but not commenting because I'm more of a reader than a commenter. You make me laugh which is exactly what I needed today. Thanks!