Wednesday, July 2, 2014

James explains it all

The other day James explained the birds and the bees to us over breakfast:

"We didn't have a baby, so we drove and drove and DROVE and drove [hospital is five mins from our house] and DROVE to the Baby Office."

What's the Baby Office?

"It's a BIG BIG building where you go if you don't have a baby."

What happened once you got to the baby office?

"We go inside and we go to the bedroom and I eat my breakfast [saltines from my nightstand] and then they bring in the baby!!"

How did they bring the baby in?

"Ummmm, in a shopping cart [the rolling bassinet does seem like a shopping cart]."

Then what happened?

"We say 'AWWWWWWWWW what a cute little baby!!"

What did we call the baby?


Aww, what a nice story, James!

"Can we do that again today?"


This is pretty much exactly what happened.

At the baby office. After they brought the baby out for our inspection.

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Candy said...

What a clever James! Maybe he'll be a pediatrician!

We are watching the prep for the 3rd of July fireworks and concert as "severe thunderstorm warnings" pop up on our TV tonight.

Yay Boston Pops et al for being flexible and staging this before Hurricane Arthur gets here! All the best to the fam!