Tuesday, June 17, 2014


All that's standing between me and a lovely afternoon sitting in the shallow end of the pool with Mary while the big kids frolic themselves into a sun-kissed, chlorine-scented stupor is:

--A trip with all four kids to the community center to buy pool passes.  Technically I could avoid this for another day and just pay $12 to get us into the pool but SOMEONE in my family frowns upon this kind of lazy (and expensive) behavior.  *cough* Ryan *cough*

--A trip to HEB with all four kids for sunscreen because James sprayed our entire can onto the grass while attempting to kill a bug.

--The Great Search For Swimsuits and Rashguards, which I should really adapt into epic poem form one of these days.

--Wes has some kind of low-grade virus/strep/tonsillitis situation going on that probably means he needs to rest inside.  But you know, YOLO.

--Charley has Cub Scout plans this evening and thus cannot fall asleep by 6:30.

--Two to three more hours of work that I should really be doing right now instead of typing this, but since I started getting punchy and naming variables things like "normfreq" I thought a break was in order.

--The fact that 3/4 of the children are perfectly happy to splash around in the back yard grocery store blow up pool and the other 1/4 of the children will probably have a massive freakout at the real pool because his goggles won't work right.

--We don't have any coconut popsicles or watermelon so WHAT IS THE FREAKING POINT.

--I lack the upper body strength to pull last year's swimsuit over my hips

So that's it, really.  WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE FREAKING POOL?

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Sarah said...

I sun screened no one yesterday despite the 4 cans and 2 sticks in my pool bag. Major fail. Jack has sunburned eye lids and is red right under his eyes (but not anywhere else-- so weird) and Dorothy's legs are wicked tan. Classy.