Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dancing all night (until 10 pm) and buying furniture at yard sales. Just like undergrad.

Big weekend around here. Saturday morning was the morning of the long-anticipated garage sale my university was having to discard a bunch of old science equipment and furniture ahead of a big renovation. I've had my eye on this giant microscope cabinet for two weeks but they wouldn't sell it to me early so I had to get up there right when the sale opened on Saturday to make sure no one took it. Luckily it was still there because I was becoming obsessed with paint colors and decorative knobs for the cabinet doors and staring longingly at the place in my house I will be putting it when I'm done fixing it up, imagining alllll the things I could put away in ALL TWENTY of those individual microscope lockers (DVDs, games, cards, kids' backpacks, winter accessories. It's going to be glorious.

With a little elbow grease.

Our new family catchphrase is "I trust your vision," which is what Ryan says to me now when I say things like "Let's put a fifty year old plywood microscope cabinet IN OUR LIVING ROOM!"

It's also what I said to him when he excitedly purchased a seven foot long double-sided whiteboard.

It's good he bought the whiteboard because I would have felt silly renting this pickup truck JUST for my cabinet (when it became clear that my plan to throw it on top of the van was both impractical and possibly dangerous to everyone else on the Interstate).

And also, my husband can tie cooler knots that your husband.

While Ryan was getting the truck and picking up our new treasure I forced the kids to go outside and eat popsicles. That relatively tranquil activity turned into this, slightly more likely to end in disaster, fun time (it did not end in disaster).

The pickup truck killed a good ninety-minutes of weekend summer malaise which was good because Ryan and I were saving our energy for our friends' double fortieth birthday blowout that evening (which was exactly as much fun as I imagined it would be when we arrived and saw the *DJ* setting up his stuff, OMG. Crazy kid dance party (seriously you haven't lived until you've watched a pack of sweaty kids doing Gangman Style and Cupid Shuffle) turned into crazy mom dance party. Also, somewhere there is a picture of Wes perched on top of a Little Tykes playhouse wearing a Davy Crockett fur-trimmed vest and brandishing a crossbow. Happy sigh, I have not had that much fun in a LONG time).

We got home at ten and told Miss N (who came to the party halfway through to pick up Mary and James. This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IDEA) that we probably wouldn't see her at church in the morning because, WHOO BOY, BIG PARTY and also the kids were up super late, but GUESS WHOSE SMOKE ALARM WENT OFF AT 6:45 FOR NO REASON AND WOKE UP THE WHOLE FAMILY?! Yeah that was fun. Early bedtimes for everyone tonight!

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Chiconky said...

Dude. That cabinet is AWESOME!