Sunday, May 18, 2014

Workshop Packing Liveblog

Am hoping "funky" is an acceptable aesthetic for a professional workshop in D.C. but suspect that it is not.  Will have to do given any hope of "professional dress" went out the window four babies and one liberal arts adjunct position ago.

Vera Bradley? Summery woven straw? Serious black leather? Crocheted? No purse? Do not want to look like a moron.

Oh shit I'm going to miss the kids like crazy.

OMG Mary!!

Really wish I could go to church with the kids tomorrow.  And Charlie's piano recital.  And Wes's kindergarten orientation.  And Wes's preschool graduation.

Eff this. Leaning in is for suckers.

OK, so I do have plenty of things to wear that actually fit thanks to my recent trips to Savers.  Sort of regret hysterical freakout this afternoon.  In my defense: the cut of those Old Navy khakis would cause Heidi Klum to have a hysterical freakout.

Note to self: go back in time and eat fewer donuts.

I hope I remembered to bring all my books home from work.  But if they're used to dealing with college faculty I'm sure it won't be a big deal.

Maybe the kids could come with me?


OK, maybe I'll be OK in my quiet, quiet hotel room.

Yellow raincoat or field project windbreaker.  Is wearing ten-year old field project swag like wearing your letterjacket to college?

If I bring a book will I be able to work on the plane or will the pull of the last two hundred pages of The Chamber of Secrets win out over finishing my Malab code and starting the proposal?


Oh, right there.

How many pairs of strappy sandals is too many?  Because I'm taking three no matter what you say.

Three pairs of sandals, sneakers, ballet flats, and moccasins.  For five days.  When did I become this person?

Would you all please stop trying to look so loveable?  Seriously.

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