Sunday, May 4, 2014



When we last spoke I was prattling on about my broken effing toilet because that and day drinking were the only things I had left to talk about after two weeks of going it alone with the Fighty McFighterson brothers. But FRIDAY NIGHT CAME AND WITH IT CAME RYAN BACK FROM HIS TRIP. I immediately excused myself indefinitely from the bedtime routine because DAMN.

On Saturday morning everyone woke up READY FOR FUN. So we spent half an hour finding everyone shoes and undies and extra clothes and got everyone in the car to go to a hiking place that everyone has told me is really fun but I have never had much luck with. As luck would have it, though, the trailhead we normally use was under construction and we had to go kind of a long way around to another one. This turned out to be a great thing because we found this place not a hundred yards away from the car. JACKPOT.

The kids immediately commenced getting their shoes really, really wet. I found a comfy spot to sit in the shade because there was no way anyone was going on a nice invigorating hike when there was a ROCKY STREAM to play in.

Mary was NOT A FAN of putting her feet in the freezing water.

Once the shoes were really soaked it was time to strip those off and really go for it.

And get IN the water, get OUT OF the water, get IN the water, get OUT OF the water...

Aaaaand then Charley started sliding down this waterfall into the pool.

SPLASHDOWN. Quite possibly the happiest moment of Charley's life since the time he finished Harry Potter 2.

It was all just too much for Mary so LIGHTS OUT.

We played for a couple of hours and even ran into a good friend from church who was out for a hike with a friend. Then we had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants nearby and drove all the sleeping children home. We ate dinner outside that night and put everyone down early because SO MUCH OUTSIDE TIME. And I can't even tell you how much better behaved the children are now that Ryan is home. WORDS FAIL ME. SO FREAKING HELPFUL, GUYS.


The Accidental Pastor said...

Beautiful day. Moments like these are why you don't eat your children.

candy said...


LL said...

That looks like Bull Creek! A beloved favorite of the Lag Liv family. There's another secret entrance off 360 where you climb down a waterfall to get to the trail and a big swimming hole and it is awesome. We miss it so much!