Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's CLIMATE WEEK you guys

I am in Washington D.C. for a workshop about teaching climate change this week.  I have been looking forward to this for more than a year and it has been excellent, but MAN.  You know how you feel after three days of using caffeine to power your body instead of adequate rest, sunlight, and physical activity?  Yeah, that.

And also, I miss the kids.  I think this has been a much-needed reset after Ryan's trip, but MAN.  I miss them now.  Ryan says they have been awesome for him, which just confirms that I am the one they reserve their extra special fighty hellbeast behavior for because while Ryan was gone it was All Thunderdome All the Time.  But HEY!  I'll take happygrams from teachers ANYTIME.  Even when I am not their to enjoy the angelic behavior in person.

Yesterday I left the hotel on foot on what I *thought* was going to be a six-ish block walk based on some hasty Google Mapping to go find the house I lived in until we moved to Florida when I was James's age. About thirty minutes later I had FOUND it, but I am pretty sure it was more like NEARLY A MILE but STILL.  How cool.  It is a beautiful house.  I would live there now in a HEARTBEAT.  Especially considering the neighborhood is gentrifying and there are a Whole Foods and a Metro stop like four blocks away.  And a Ben and Jerry's with a splash pad out front.  WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?

I remember the front steps really well, for some reason.  I seem to remember playing in the space between the right side of the steps and the bushes and thinking the steps were REALLY REALLY TALL, which I guess they are, if you are James's size!

After finding the house I had like forty-five minutes to hit Panera for my breakfast and coffee and get back to the hotel before our field trip to NOAA NCEP, where all weather forecasts for the United States and the surrounding ocean areas begin. Here is the Ocean Prediction Center. This was a cool field trip (I say as I push my glasses up my nose with my index finger).

After that field trip they took us on the Metro down to the National Mall and dropped us off to do things like act like huge nerds in front of the national monuments.

We went for a several mile walk around the area to see the MLK memorial (excellent) and the Lincoln Monument (great as always). While we were standing at the feet of Lincoln a park ranger started telling us how tall Lincoln was (6'4") compared to the average man of his day (5'8"). He was so friendly and helpful that I half-jokingly said "Now can you recommend a good place to go get a beer after this?" and he put his arm over my shoulders, walked me out to the top of the steps and pointed to the Washington Monument in the distance, saying "Walk all the way past the Washington monument and take a left. Go past the White House and Treasury. It's on the right." Best directions EVER. And the DC Brau was totally worth the walk. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.

I got a distant glimpse of the White House on the way. I did not see Obama, sadly.

And then today we had several interesting talks and some time to work in our groups and tomorrow we go to NASA and a university climate research center. IT'S LIKE SUMMER CAMP! Still, I will be excited to get home on Friday to see the fam. Eating decadent dinners and having someone else make my bed every day would get really tiring. Eventually. I'm sure.


Anne said...

That is so fantastic about the park ranger's beer recommendation! Definitely put a smile on my face. :)

Unknown said...

So glad that you're having fun, and glad that we've had pretty decent weather this week. Let me know if you need any other food or drink recs!